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Thread: SGR Slot - Moab

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    SGR Slot - Moab

    As many of you know SGR Slot is now posted on

    SGR Slot Route Description

    But the real reason for the post is to let you know the book has what I consider a bad GPS Waypoint. Here is what I consider the error in the book:

    Waypoint #11
    N38.4925, W109.4925 - Book
    N38.4925, W109.4928 - Actual

    Notice the .4925 is the exact same number in the books N and W, I think someone just miss-copied the waypoint when writing the book. I've done the exact same thing before, which is why I now plot my waypoints back into google earth when I'm done to make sure everything all makes sense.

    The error only creates about a 100-yard navigation error, but it can drop you into a different drainage at the top. The good news is both drainages work and join up shortly downstream, the incorrect drainage has a slide and rappel, no big deal. The bad news is the incorrect drainage has rotten rock and rock fall can become a dangerous issue. I know a couple folks have experienced a close call from falling rocks by dropping into the incorrect drainage.

    Be safe, have fun.

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    I'm not sure how exactly 28 yards rounds up to 100 yards.

    The book coordinate is a good drop in point with an established anchor and easy to find from the previous GPS point. There were no unusually loose rock concerns. I'm not sure what the rap length becomes dropping in from the side drainage listed.

    This continues the theme of pedantry, but I would consider the book start the correct drainage and main canyon as it serves a larger drainage area. The other coordinate drops in from a side joint, though in line with the canyon section.

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    I'm not here to start an argument; it would be a matter of preference on where to start the first rappel.

    The GPS waypoint in the book is correct for what I intended and is only a 90 foot difference (not 100 yards) from what you have listed. I can see where the navigation error has occurred due to an additional tributary which is northeast-southwest (the book describes the correct tributary as northwest-southeast).

    The waypoint in the book is at a tree which leads to a nice sloped, clean rappel into the canyon. FYI, all waypoints in the book were verified via Google and other means.

    Either waypoint will work. Again, I'm not here to start an argument over 90 feet and I appreciate the clarification regarding the northeast-southwest vs northwest-southeast tributary. Thanks.

    I've included some photos of the first rappel to help future parties.


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    It was just a warning that the waypoint in the book is causing some to drop the next drainage to the southeast. More than one group has made the error. I also mentioned "I" considered it an error/problem, your mileage may vary.

    But I'm willing to bet anyone who reads this post will not make the error, which is the reason for the original post.

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