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Thread: Strava Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by double moo View Post
    I set a number of KOMs last week in AFCanyon... I forgot to turn off the strava and drove home!

    My names on it so It must count...
    I'm surprised your email didn't explode with messages from Stavassholes who flagged your KOM as suspicious. I've done that a couple of time when I drive with Strava on. I swear, less than 10 minutes after an upload I get people freaking out because they lost their KOM and flagging it.

    Good times.

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    So I just crossed 2000 miles for the year on my mountain bike and 99% of those miles are in the dirt. I've also climbed 230,001' so far this year. I'm pretty dang happy about that.

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    Impressive indeed. I think I'm at about 500 miles.

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    Good on 'ya! My numbers are way down this year compared to the last few. I blame it on my AF Canyon volunteer trailwork commitment. There just seemed to always be a lot to do. More than normal. I just turned in my hours for the season to the Forest Service (beginning of October to end of September). 132 hours. Looking at it another way, if my mtn. bike rides average 2 hours (which they do), that's 66 rides I missed out on because I was up the canyon doing trailwork instead. I'm proud of what I accomplish up the canyon so, not complaining. It was still a good year!

    Here's me receiving a volunteer of the year recognition award this past June, for 10 years of traiwork volunteering, from the head of the US Forest Service. Name:  13422347_10209948794621388_38817225347044949_o.jpg
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    Are we there yet?

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    Yo bitchez... I just passed 2000 miles for the year, all on my mountain bike and 99% in the dirt. After I seperated my shoulder I didn't know if I'd make it this year as the magic 2000 number has been my goal the last few years.

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    I got 2000 likes on an ebike post I made on Facebook. Same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Yo bitchez... I just passed 2000 miles for the year, all on my mountain bike and 99% in the dirt. After I seperated my shoulder I didn't know if I'd make it this year as the magic 2000 number has been my goal the last few years.
    Good job. I think I've hit about 500.

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    Boom! Now y'all can bask in my MTB glory.

    2017 stats

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    Just for fun... here is my 2017 and 2016 MTB stats. I was actually on track for a little better 2017 until a MTB crash separated my shoulder. This is all mountain bike and 99% on dirt, none of that candyass road bike crap.

    Distance 2,210.0 mi
    Time 256h 49m
    Elev Gain 256,155 ft
    Rides 177

    Distance 2,316.5 mi
    Time 268h 38m
    Elev Gain 265,984 ft
    Rides 190

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    I knew my 2017 stats would be lower than usual going into it. I normally just do a teeny bit of musical theater here and there but, this year I did 3 shows, pretty much back-to-back. From March to just last week, I was either in rehearsal or performing the show and just didn't have hardly any spare time. Anyway, with all I had going on, I'm OK with where I ended up. Zero pavement, all on dirt or snow.

    Distance 1,401.8 mi
    Time 193h 43m
    Elev Gain 215,420 ft
    Rides 137
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    I'm averaging about 50 miles a week and 6000 feet of elevation on my mountain bike. The only thing that's crazy about those numbers for me is they are being posted in January and February.

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    My Strava stats in 2018 so far:

    Name:  2018 Stata.PNG
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    Pretty much all fatbike, with a couple of rides on dirt at Valley Vista. There's been some good snow riding if you know where to find it, even during this pitiful winter.
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    We have guys on motorcycles logging miles on the Bogley MTB Strava group.... Not Cool!

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