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Thread: Angel Cove, South Fork

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    Angel Cove, South Fork

    It was an Angelic day in the Dirty Devil River area - Sunday 03/15/2015

    The South Fork of Angel Cove in the Dirty Devil River is one of my favorite Dirty Devil slots with plenty of fun and challenging rappels, plenty of down climbing activity and expansive views out across the river onto the Robbers Roost area.

    This canyon has more solution pocket formations that I have seen in any other canyon - multiple layered Swiss cheese walls!

    The weather was perfect with temps in the mid 70ís, a gentile breeze pushing the perfection and the little buzzing/biting flies were somewhere else.

    The canyon was dry and the roads out to the top were in excellent condition.

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners;
    Daughter Andrea, Son Justin, Friend Jeremy, Grand Daughter Alijeh and Grand Son Elijah - their enthusiasm is so contagious!. They also took some great pictures!

    Thanks to the Canyon Beta provided by

    RoadTripRyan and Climb-Utah

    Doug French

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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    Hey Doug
    Great TR, as always!

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    Wonderful, Doug.

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