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Thread: Corner Canyon Conditions

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    They have basically extended Rush from the 3-way down to the EQ. While part of it is open it's still a work in progress as they are also realigning part of lower Rush. So I'd wait for it all to be completed before making a trip over just to ride what's currently completed.

    FWIW - the high speed bike traffic from the 3-way down to the EQ has always been a major issue and cause for concern. The new section of Rush was completed in the hope of moving most the high speed MTB traffic to a designated downhill only trail.

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    Itís open from the 3-way to the road where it makes a turn. I just donít like the big table tops, but they will smooth out. I need more suspension to really hit them.

    Is anything rideable today?

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    [QUOTE=accadacca;610158Is anything rideable today?[/QUOTE]

    No. I'll be going for a hike later this afternoon. At least it's something.
    Are we there yet?

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    As of noon today Rush is completely open, including all new sections, from Peak View to the Equation Center. If you want to avoid a couple mud puddles enter using Fly By Night, which is completely dry. From Peak View to the EQ is one awesome long downhill.

    Thanks Draper Parks-Recreation.

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    New trail signage in Corner Canyon....


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    The Traverse Mountain Trails Master Plan was approved in City Council this evening. Awesome timing in advance of the Grand Opening on Saturday!

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    The wild flowers are going crazy in CC today. It will probably only last a couple of days. Everything is open except Zooropa.

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    Zooropa vorsprung durch technik
    Zooropa be all that you can be
    Be a winner
    Eat to get slimmer...

    Ahhh, that song is so awesome. Perhaps my favorite of theirs next to The End Of The World.
    Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
    It all goes slo-mo
    I don't know why I am crying
    Am I suspended in Gaffa?

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    Corner Canyon is really beautiful at the moment....

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    It's looking real good up here
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    Just 'cause it zips, don't mean it fits

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    This won't last much longer... get some while the getting is good...

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    Everything below Ghost Falls and Patato Hill is good to go on skinny tires.

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    Great day to ride my MTB in Corner Canyon. Best of all most the smoke from the California anarchy arson fires has cleared out and the leaves are colorful.

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