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Thread: Corner Canyon Conditions

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    Rattle will probably be good tomorrow, I'll let you know. Everything north facing has snow on it right now.

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    Everything in Corner Canyon is dry and good to ride.

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    Yep! I did a big loop today. Little windy, but an awesome day.

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    The weather didn't take long to screw up the trails again. I wonder how long it will take?

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    I was able to sneak a ride in yesterday just before the storm. Most of the trails were of course dry and dusty. All the snow will be melted by Saturday probably. Most of the canyon will be good early next week with the north facing shady spots taking a couple extra days. Forecast has highs around 80 most of next week.

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    Rattle to Ghost Falls is dry. North Ghost Falls is dry, Gas Line is dry, Upper Road is dry. Creek View is dry. Everything else still has lots of snow and mud.

    I did two laps today from the EQ up to Ghost Falls using different combinations of the dry trails listed above.


    Some of the other stuff MIGHT be dry by Sunday.

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    Tks for the info. I'll give it until next week.

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    Everything is drying really fast. The Ghost Falls trail is good all the way up to the Jacob's Ladder/Ghost Falls Trailhead. There is a good chance everything will be dry tomorrow (Sunday). Canyon Hollow is now dry up to Ghost Falls, but gets muddy after that.

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    Just came down Rush. It looked good. It started sprinkling at the top and was a little windy. But was still a great ride.

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    Corner Canyon is currently under a couple inches of snow, I'll update as the trails dry out.

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    I'm hoping it is clear by Thursday...

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    Headed up Corner Canyon Road today to take a look and get a few miles in. When I got to the first parking lot everyone that was passing me (I'm slow) was taking the BST trail instead of the road. I followed, and pedaled it all the way to Ghost falls, passing one 12" puddle. I figured it would be OK there but not elsewhere - as the east side typically is. None of the riders who had passed me came back down... so when I hit the GHost Falls bridge i continued. I peeled off and hit Canyon Hollow, from the bridge to Rush I hit anoter 8-10 mud pudles, only 2 of which I had to go through instead of around. The trail was very dried out with great traction. When I hit the bottom at the Equestrian Center I headed under the tunnel as usual... The creek was out of it's banks at the far end causing 6" of running water that you had to roll through... but it wasn'y muddy. With the increasing temps it will just get better, by tomorrow afternoon I would think all of the trails would be wide open.

    If you do encounter mud... work around it and don't dick it up for the rest of us!

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    Corner Canyon is dry and all trails are open.

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    Is it going to be too muddy tonight?

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    I just got back from trying to ride some. Pedaled up South Maple Hollow and ran into sticky, slimy mud a couple hundred yards from the top so, I headed back. I'd guess Maple Hollow is a no go. I've heard that some of the eastern stuff is just fine and got mostly missed by the rain.
    Are we there yet?

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    Rattle is currently in great shape, it starts to get muddy above there. It should be dry tomorrow. Also they are holding a mtb race from 6-8 tonight so I'd find somewhere else to ride tonight.

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    I got this too late...about the race. What a circus at the EQ parking!

    I drove over to coyote and it was quiet, so I rode up clarks, jacobs ladder, then took the dirt road to brocks, then rush. Mostly dry trails or a little wet and tacky in the trees. No mud. Great conditions.

    I was grabbing Subway near the Harmons off bangerter, when the rain started. Heavy rain on I-15 between bangerter and 114, then west to my house.

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    It's raining again at my work on the west side...damn.

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    I was peddling from ghost falls to Jacobs Ladder when the storm hit, the trail turned to instant mud.

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