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Thread: Corner Canyon Conditions

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    I rode CC today, everything on the Draper side is excellent. Rush, Ghost, Canyon, Maple Hollow are all hero dirt.

    I didn't ride the Lehi side so I can't say. Levitate and Vertigo can be a little slow drying out.

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    I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment but, I did get to pedal the Valley Vista trails late yesterday afternoon and nearly ran over this beautiful creature. He was about the size of the palm of my hand. Name:  23722226_10215163976397673_901725827876060556_n.jpg
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    Are we there yet?

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    Corner Canyon is primo today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    CC is a great way to get above the smog as it's clear and warm up top. I suggest turning laps on Levitate and Vertigo using the new Woods Hollow Trail as the return. Mercer Hollow is also good to go.

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    Woods Hollow is an awesome downhill... I like it betterr than Levitate (watch out for the uphill crowd...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by double moo View Post
    Woods Hollow is an awesome downhill... I like it betterr than Levitate (watch out for the uphill crowd...).
    I've gone down Woods Hollow a couple times and it's stop and go with all the uphill traffic, and that's on a day with small crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    I've gone down Woods Hollow a couple times and it's stop and go with all the uphill traffic, and that's on a day with small crowds.
    Night ride it... wife shuttles me and a friend... no crowds.

    Vertigo is another good night ride, thugh I tend to keep the tires on the ground when I can't see my landings!

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    If you are looking to get above the inversion, AF Canyon is riding good right now. Fatbike not needed (but, way fun!). Yesterday afternoon.

    Name:  AF Dec12-2017.jpg
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    Are we there yet?

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    So what has been open in Corner? Better yet, what WAS open? Snowmageddon on the way...

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    Gas Line, North Ghost Falls, Rattler, BST East to the bridge, Quail Trail, Saddler, Aqua Duct and Creek View are all completely dry, Everything else is a quagmire and should be avoided. You can put together some fun loops with the trails mentioned.

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    Someone posted Monday morning that they had showshoed up Canyon Hollow and down Ann's and that it was rideable. I was skeptical, but had to try it. I talked my wife into dropping me and a friend at the top of the new subdivision so I could drop into PeakView to roll from there.

    The 1/4 mile from the subdivision to PeakView was drifted pretty much and we had to hike most of the way. Across the corral was just as bad - we were following a single set of snowshoe tracks at that point. Taking the Brock's Cut Off to Canyon Hollow wasn't much better - hike a bike for maybe 60% of the distance. When we got to the intersection is was obvious that there werre a couple of more snowshoe sets packing the trail. Heading down we were able to pedal some and hike some for the next 1/4-1/2 mile. A few of the steeper sections allowed to roll better but still needed pedaling - downhill!

    About 1/2 way down you could tell that there were more showshoe tracks - like some folks had hiked up part way and turned around. The more traffic the better the trail got. I led the whole way, my friend noted that staying in my tracks made it rideable, just hard to stay in them. WE talked that if a half dozen bikes would hit it just once we would have a rideable route. By the time we got to the Ghost connector it was rideable - tough going but at least we were upright.

    Cutting across the Silica Pit was just a push in 8-10" of loose snow. The ramp back up to the temple was rideable on and off. We turned down just shy of Coyote trail head and rolled the trail/road to the tunnel - rideable but sketchy.

    Let me just say that the smiley guy who posted that he had showshoed it must not ride a fat bike. As in he has no clue as to what is and isn't rideable - but I do thank him for making tracks and providing a start for us to build upon.

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    With the weather yesterday, Tuesday, I thought that if only a few people had tried Canyon Hollow it would be pretty rideable. Again I met some buds and had the wife drop us at the top just before 8:00 pm. The stretch from the Subdivision to Peak View was just like Monday night - I thought that I hade made a big error and was in for another couple of miles of hike a bike.

    The corral was windblown with the trail somewhat findable and better packed than Monday night. 2/3 of the way across the corral it was tight enough to mount up and go for it. It looked like a couple of more bikers had made the trek as there were now multiple tracks packing a rideable trail. In fact... I was able to ride from there all the way to the tunnel at the Equestrian Center. It was tough going in spots, slid out numerous times on the corners, and I came off a couple of times... but I was able to ride it top to bottom, There were 3 of us, so I'm guessing the trail is just that much better and packed after our passing.

    Having done this 2 nights in a row I can say that if you want to fatbike Canyon Hollow it is GOOD-TO-GO. I recommend riding top to bottom as the snow is soft enough to make uphill traction difficult to maintain.

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    Thanks for the reports, double moo. AF Canyon is still very, very good and the Forest Service has been grooming the normal fatbike routes at least twice a week over the past 3 weeks or so, (since we started to get some actual snow!). I've been reporting their grooming efforts over on the Fat Bike Utah facebook page:
    Are we there yet?

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