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Thread: Corner Canyon Conditions

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    They have basically extended Rush from the 3-way down to the EQ. While part of it is open it's still a work in progress as they are also realigning part of lower Rush. So I'd wait for it all to be completed before making a trip over just to ride what's currently completed.

    FWIW - the high speed bike traffic from the 3-way down to the EQ has always been a major issue and cause for concern. The new section of Rush was completed in the hope of moving most the high speed MTB traffic to a designated downhill only trail.

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    Itís open from the 3-way to the road where it makes a turn. I just donít like the big table tops, but they will smooth out. I need more suspension to really hit them.

    Is anything rideable today?

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    [QUOTE=accadacca;610158Is anything rideable today?[/QUOTE]

    No. I'll be going for a hike later this afternoon. At least it's something.
    Are we there yet?

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    As of noon today Rush is completely open, including all new sections, from Peak View to the Equation Center. If you want to avoid a couple mud puddles enter using Fly By Night, which is completely dry. From Peak View to the EQ is one awesome long downhill.

    Thanks Draper Parks-Recreation.

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    New trail signage in Corner Canyon....


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    The Traverse Mountain Trails Master Plan was approved in City Council this evening. Awesome timing in advance of the Grand Opening on Saturday!

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    The wild flowers are going crazy in CC today. It will probably only last a couple of days. Everything is open except Zooropa.

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    Zooropa vorsprung durch technik
    Zooropa be all that you can be
    Be a winner
    Eat to get slimmer...

    Ahhh, that song is so awesome. Perhaps my favorite of theirs next to The End Of The World.
    "Unfortunately she's playing chicken with a dude that has no steering wheel"
    Lifted from Rockgremlin.

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    Corner Canyon is really beautiful at the moment....

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    It's looking real good up here
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    Just 'cause it zips, don't mean it fits

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    This won't last much longer... get some while the getting is good...

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    Everything below Ghost Falls and Patato Hill is good to go on skinny tires.

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