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Thread: Corner Canyon Conditions

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    Corner Canyon Conditions

    I'm going to do a loop after work. Which trails are rideable? Anyone want to come along?

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    All the north facing trails are muddy and closed. All the south facing trails are open. There is plenty to ride but you must choose wisely.

    Start at the equestrian center, up to BST, take Rattle up to ghost falls, come down ghost falls north trail (or back down rattle), down pipe line and back to the EQ. You can add BST out to bear canyon and back if you want more. Also the upper CC road is dry.

    I'll be riding in CC today at noon and I'll post if more is open, but I doubt it as last weeks storm closed much of what was dry. Tuesday all the north facing trails still had 6" of snow on them. Rattle is the one dependable trail that dries fast and is usually rideable

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    So the BST on the north end that connects rattler must be good? It's lower...

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    BST from the lower CC road, to the upper road, and out to Bear Canyon are all dry.

    On tuesday Creek View was too muddy to ride, but I'm hoping that it's dry today as I use it as my return route to get back to the EQ. I never ride DOWN the lower road if I can help it.

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    Coolness. Let me know what you find out today. I'm sure you have used TrailForks. I love it.

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    Creek View is now open and no longer muddy. Everything else I posted is correct.

    South facing trails are dry. North facing trails are muddy and closed. Everything above ghost falls is closed

    Rattle is currently the must do trail on whatever loop you put together.

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    Tks for the info. I had a nice ride tonight.

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    Lots of stuff opened up today. Lower canyon hollow is now open. Ghost falls up to the ghost falls/Jacobs ladder TH is now open. Lower rush is open. Maybe more.

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    I heard Ann's might be too. I'll be up there later today.

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    I did two loops today from the Equestrian Center to Ghost Falls. I rode it this morning and when I got home my daughter said she would have went if she had of known so I told her to grab her gear and I'd ride it again with her. It wasn't too crowded for the first loop but literally everyone and their dog was up there when I did the second loop.

    If Ann's is open it will still be muddy at the top. Upper Canyon Hollow will be a quagmire. Upper rush will have some muddy spots. I hate getting into mud because it's so hard on equipment.

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    Mud sucks. I'm sure it's a circus up there today...

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    Ann's is still kinda muddy in one section. Needs 3 or 4 days. Canyon Hollow isn't bad. Lotta mushy spots on several trails. Really slows you down.

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    Rolled Rush last night. I expected some mud but it was dry, except for a three foot spot in the top third. Great grip and fast right now!

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    Everything in Corner Canyon is now dry and in great shape. Over the past week I've ridden every trail in the canyon at least once.

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    Awesome! I've been putting in some pretty hefty miles and elevation gain on the road bike (the last 30 days: 573 miles - 36,444' elevation gain). Time to hit the dirt!
    Are we there yet?

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    Ditto on the mileage and elevation. The last two days I've actually been doing laps in Corner Canyon.

    Tuesday - Start at the EQ, up Canyon Hollow to the top, down Rush to it's bottom, up BST to the Upper Corner Canyon Road, up the road to Jacobs Ladder TH, down Ghost Falls, Down Rattle, Down BST, Down Creek View to the EQ.

    Wednesday - Start at the EQ, up Ann's to the top, down Brocks, down Ghost Falls, down Rattle, up BST,up BST to the Upper Corner Canyon Road, Up the road to the rattle cut-off, down to Canyon Hollow, Down Canyon Hollow, Down Creek View to the EQ.

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    I pedaled my Maple Leaf loop yesterday afternoon- South Maple Hollow to Maple Hollow to Ann's West to Ann's East to Eagle Crest Connector to Eagle Crest to South Maple Hollow. No real mud anywhere to speak of but a bit slimy in spots where the sun never shines on Maple Hollow and Ann's West. Lots and lots of ruts (more than I've ever see before!) on those 2 trails from folks riding when it was muddy. Felt good to back on dirt even though I have a love/hate relationship with CC.
    Are we there yet?

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    Is it too windy to ride tonight? Nah...

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    How dicked up did the trails get? When can I ride them again?

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