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    from today's deadspin

    I was on the road and had stopped at a chain sit-down type restaurant for breakfast. Shortly after I was seated, a party of four female professional tourists (FPT's) was seated at the table next to mine. You know, the kind who travel for the new experiences but complain that everything is different than back home? Yeah, them.
    One of the ladies ordered a soft poached egg and whole wheat toast. When her order came, she promptly sent it back, because she wanted it with whole wheat toast. The waitress looked puzzled but complied. Now, it's been ages since I worked in a restaurant, but wouldn't that mean they'd have to re-do her egg, too? So, five minutes later, the waitress is back with a fresh plate. FPT sends it back again, saying loudly "I ORDERED WHOLE WHEAT TOAST!" Her third plate came back so promptly, I was sure she'd demand a new egg, but no. This time FPT stood up and practically screamed "I ORDERED WHOLE WHEAT TOAST. BRING ME WHOLE WHEAT TOAST!"
    When her fourth plate came out of the kitchen, it was carried by the manager, who placed it in front of her with a flourish and an apology. Now FPT loses it. She picked up her plate and thrust it up under the manager's nose, while spit-screaming "I ORDERED WHOLE WHEAT TOAST FOUR TIMES AND YOU GUYS KEEP CUTTING IT IN HALF!"

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    That might be funny if toast wasn't made of other than bread, which is made of wheat.

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