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Thread: 3d Robotics iris+ drone

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    3d Robotics iris+ drone

    This just arrived today, super excited to shoot some aerial footage!

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    Cool! Does it have the follow-me feature?

    I bought a tiny drone from the OR show a couple weeks back and have been flying it ever day. It's a little tricky since mine is just a quadcopter -but man are they cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    Cool! Does it have the follow-me feature?!

    Man this gimbal is going to take me a little time to assemble and get going, hopefully this weekend I'll take it for a test run.

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    Still assembling it. The drone was simple but the gimbal is a little nuts with instructions in Chinese and I'm not entirely sure I've got all the parts.

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    First things first

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    Lots to learn! Tonight was a success though, I'm not filming yet but I launched 3x, landed 3x, no crashes!

    I've got the gimbal for the GoPro but I want to be a better pilot before I take the chance of breaking it.

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    Looks fun. This picture shows the camera mounted without the hard case. Is there a way to mount with the case? I'd worry about the naked camera hanging out under the aircraft in prime crash-damage position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    Looks fun. This picture shows the camera mounted without the hard case. Is there a way to mount with the case? I'd worry about the naked camera hanging out under the aircraft in prime crash-damage position.
    So in this photo the GoPro is held by the Gimbal, an additional accessory for about $200. But you can see just above the GoPro on the black shell of the drone, there's a GoPro mount where you can have the hard shell mounted to it.

    The difference is the Gimbal will keep the camera level and smooth with the turbulence of the drone, and the solid mount will produce some shaky footage, but will be the less expensive route.

    At Bear Lake this weekend I used the mount on the hard shell. It's usable and you can get some footage from it, it just won't be smooth. I do have the Gimbal though and I'm working on it right now.

    Here are some still frame shots from video with it mounted to the black body, in the case.

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    a little test footage. I'll have to calibrate the gimbal a bit so the legs don't show in the footage next time.

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    That is absolutely awesome!! Where did you order the drone/gimbal from? I am definitely wanting one of those setups. Video looks amazingly smooth.
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    I bought the drone directly from 3DRobotics, it's the Iris+. The gimbal I bought from Amazon, here:

    Here's a little more test footage I shot with a little better camera alignment, my boy at the skate park

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    How has the auto-landing worked? Is it truly auto? What's been the hardest aspect of flying it so far?
    Are we there yet?

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    The auto landing can be tricky if it's not just right. If you get a little bounce on the landing, the whole unit can instantly turn sideways and then your propellers drive into the ground, so you've got to monitor it.

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    Another thing I keep forgetting with the auto landing is, once you flip the switch for it to land, it will start gaining altitude so it can fly over to the spot it launched from, just to help avoid any obstacles, and then it descends.

    But at first when it starts rising up automatically, you freak out a bit because you think it's just going to take off to some random waypoint on the globe. But for the most part the RTL (Return to Launch) mode works pretty good, and once it touches ground, your propellers turn off.

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    So on to the next solution. As I'm getting more comfortable with the drone, the modes, the behavior, things like that... I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to take this thing on mountain bike rides, hikes, out on the boat.

    It's just a large, awkward, delicate 2 foot long device that can be difficult to tote around, let alone keep all of the parts together and protected.

    So I've been looking at hard shell cases with cut out foam, but then I came across this and made the purchase. I think it's going to work well.

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    Getting a little more tuned with the Follow Me function. That dang camera still has a tilt to it, I've got to fix it.

    So in this clip, the drone is following my phone, which has the Tower Droid Planner 3 app running, and a usb antenna plugged in.

    I can set the altitude and the distance of which it follows behind me. The video isn't that smooth because I'm not really going that fast, and I'm turning a tight radius close to the camera. The longer faster straight runs will look much better. I'll test it out on a bike next, but until that backpack comes in, I've got no way to haul all this crap on a bike.

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    I just found out about a downside to the "Follow Me" function. As it's following you, it won't change altitude automatically. It will follow you but at the same altitude. So for Snowboarding and downhill biking, that might need a little TLC manual controlling.

    As I was flying in the video above, I did notice how easy it was to change altitude with just the scroll of my thumb, mid flight. So that might be an ok solution.

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