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Thread: Nine Mile Canyon IV

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    Nine Mile Canyon IV

    For my fourth and final trip to Nine Mile Canyon of 2014, Chris and I took Karin and Katie and our dogs on an easy tour of some of the better rock art. We made a quick stop in the upper part of the canyon to see a pit house that I'd driven past many times but had never stopped to look at. It turned out to not be very interesting, but the dogs appreciated getting out of the vehicles for a few minutes.

    The remains of a pit house

    Cooper running along a ridge

    All four dogs

    WJ and WK2

    Next we hiked up to some of my favorite petroglyphs, one of which I found on my first trip there in 2014. We also saw some new-to-me petroglyphs during the hike. I'd noticed some of them from far away on my earlier trip but had descended well below them and didn't feel like climbing back up at the time. Now I know that it would have been worth my while to climb back up! There were a lot of really well-made and interesting petroglyphs spread out across the cliff line, along with a couple of small slab-lined granaries at the base of the cliffs.

    Tethered sheep, one of my favorite petroglyphs in Nine Mile

    Torrey, Chance, and Karin carrying Cooper

    Long-necked sheep

    WJ and WK2 parked below

    Katie has the dogs' full attention


    Guy with small arms holding something

    Figures and dots

    Hands up, don't shoot

    Hiking along a cliff line

    Slab-lined granary

    Sheep and dog





    Karin and Cooper

    Hiking back down

    We drove to another spot to check out some rock art that Alan had told me about but I hadn't visited yet. Just a short distance from where we parked, Katie's dog Chance got caught in a leg-hold trap. I freed him from the trap and luckily he was unharmed. We leashed our dogs up and continued hiking toward the rock art, keeping a wary eye out for more traps. There was more good rock art at this spot, along with a very cool 1888 inscription by Enoch Rhoades.

    Trap that Katie's dog, Chance, got caught in

    Torrey and Boulder on-leash

    Chris and a petroglyph

    Full curl

    Tethered deer

    Another tethered deer

    Chris coming down from a sketchy climb


    Faint zig-zag pictograph

    Zig-zag pictograph enhanced with DStretch

    A faint 1888 Enoch Rhoades inscription

    Enoch Rhoades initials

    View up Nine Mile Canyon

    To wind down the trip we stopped at a few well-known, touristy locations, but I still managed to spot some rock art I hadn't seen before. Some snowy weather started moving in to the canyon as we were driving out. I'd had a very fruitful trip and I hope it was a good intro to Nine Mile for the others.

    White pictographs

    Petroglyphs near the Big Buffalo

    Petroglyphs near the Big Buffalo

    Big Buffalo

    I though the BLM was supposed to remove this?

    Petroglyphs near Pig Head Rock

    Boulder during the drive home

    Hazy sun getting lower in the sky

    Photo Gallery: Nine Mile Canyon IV
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    Nice report Dennis!

    Glad the dog wasn't hurt by that leg trap.

    Are those things even legal? This ain't 1850, and we aren't trappin' for fur anymore. Seem like a cowardly/uncreative/lazy way to hunt.

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    Are those things even legal?
    Not only are they legal, but there is still a bounty on every coyote you kill. The State of Utah pays you $50 for each one. Think of that next time you pay your state taxes.
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott P View Post
    Not only are they legal, but there is still a bounty on every coyote you kill. The State of Utah pays you $50 for each one. Think of that next time you pay your state taxes.
    Whoa! People passed legislation to kill animals (coyote) so that they could kill even more animals (mule deer)! And they funded it with $750,000!?!

    Which year are we in Skeeter? 1850? Sheeeeuuuuuuut!

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