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Thread: Canyoneering in Moab

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    Canyoneering in Moab

    Hi, I am planning a trip to Moab at the end of February and was wondering if anyone would want to show me the routes in the fiery furnace?

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    Take a loot at

    There's also a canyon there, called Lomatium, but I think it's forbidden by park service. Or so I heard

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    but I think it's forbidden by park service. Or so I heard
    Heard from who? If so, when did this happen?
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    I was there January 2nd and they would not let people in with snow on the ground. They said if you walk in snow you don't really know what you could be stepping on. I was fine with that answer. The route is not closed.

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    It's not closed, but does require permits to do. Could be with the snow, they are limiting access during the winter.
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    Hey thanks for the advice and links. I would love to do the Lomatium canyon but I don't think it would be wise to do it by myself. could anyone point me in the direction of someone to guide me on this hike?

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    The Fiery Furnace was open as of last weekend for canyoneering. We were in there with required permit. There was minimal snow or ice.
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