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    Stanbury island

    A coworker of mine just bought a honda cr250x and has been wanting to try it out. The closest place I could think of that would be rideable in January stanbury island. I have been there a few times with the scouts but never riding. It has 1 mnt bike trail and a few other trails. We had 2 guys on 4 wheelers so we stuck to the wider trails.

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    This was one amazing view !

    After we rode the one trail on the south west side, we were trying to find some more trails to the north, thats when the DNR showed up.......? Turns out somebody thought we weren't behaving and called on us. We were a little dumb founded. The guy was actually way cool and just told us that someone called in and said unless the trail has a marker that says its open it not..? Well we didn't get a ticket but I have never heard of such a thing..? Doesn't look like I'll be back riding there anytime soon.

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    Also rideable and close is 5 mile pass. I had a few buddies ride there on Sunday and they said it was great.
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    We were going to go to 5 mile pass but were told by someone that it was a muddy mess and not rideable. Sounds like we were miss informed.

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    OOOOOH I love mud dab nabbit. That dam weatherman will show me no love You know he is a real ass . gives me 60 degrees and none you basturds show up well some. Thanks for the ride Garbo , Chet and friends. Dusty is not the word we want to hear. I'll take a ton of mud over dust anyday.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
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