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Thread: Removing attachments

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    Removing attachments

    I made a senseless attachment to one of my postings. How can I remove it?


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    Click edit
    Click advanced
    Scroll down to manage attachments
    Delete attachment

    I'm on my phone so I can't verify, but I think that's it. The trick is inside edit knowing to click the advanced button.

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    Sorry, that doesn't work.

    The is no such thing as a "delete" inside the Manage Attachments window.

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    Edit Post
    Go Advanced
    Manage attachment

    Find the picture, check the box in the bottom right corner. put your cursor over the picture and a small X and ? will appear in the upper right corner. Click the X and it will ask you if you want to delete the picture. answer yes.

    Save changes when you exit the edit dialogue.

    That's it... I just verified it on my computer.

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    Got it!

    The little "X" at the attachment symbol is well hidden.

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