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Thread: Utah Football 2015

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    Utah Football 2015

    Sources: Oregon State close to hiring both Sitaki & Tuiaki from Utah.

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    It's a done deal.

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    It's too bad, losing Sitake and Tuiaki, but I assumed that Sitake was gone sooner than later, anyway. I thought it would be as a head coach. The Utes will miss him as a recruiter and a coach, but it's just part of the business. Next coach(Morgan Scalley) up.

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    Utah Football 2014

    Report: Utah offensive coordinator Dave Christensen joining Texas A&M as the team's offensive line coach/run-game coordinator.

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    That's a big step down, I wonder what the real story is.

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    Could be addition by subtraction. Word is, DC was not well liked on the hill.

    Another OC is not the best news though....

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    I do believe DC was the cause of the train wreck at QB as Thompson was his boy but Wilson is the better QB. I'm willing to bet Wilson now stays at Utah and is named QB1 going into spring practice. Dennis Erickson is also still on staff and could become OC again, I never understood that move to begin with as Erickson is a damn good coach.

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    Hill might be trying force Whittingham out.

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    Emails obtained via Utah

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    The Deseret News has learned that Sitake, who will be the Beavers

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    Monson: Whittingham will leave Utah, I believe, and maybe end up at BYU

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    I moved everything since the bowl game into a 2015 thread as this is all about next years team. 2014 ended on a high note.

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    The Desert News is basically saying Monson is full of shit, which is often the case. The SL Trib goes head-to-head with the D News, this should be good, as a general rule the D News does a much better job reporting sports.

    SALT LAKE CITY — Despite mounting speculation that a departure may be forthcoming, a source close to theUniversity of Utah athletics department said there’s no validity to reports that head football coach Kyle Whittingham is being forced out of his position.

    The source also said that a Friday morning meeting between Whittingham and Utah Athletic Director Chris Hill was “standard operating procedure” — a discussion between the two that takes place at the end of each season — and not a response to the recent departures of three assistant football coaches.

    In the past week, defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake and defensive line coach Ilaisa Tuiaki left for Oregon State to join Gary Andersen’s staff; and offensive coordinator Dave Christensen accepted a position at Texas A&M.

    The exits followed Utah’s most successful season since joining the Pac-12 in 2011. The Utes went 9-4 overall and 5-4 in Pac-12 play. They capped things off with a 45-10 win over Colorado State in the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 20.

    Whittingham, who has been the head coach of the Utes for the past 10 seasons and with the program for 21 consecutive years overall, has had a hand in 170 victories in his tenure with the team — more than any football coach in school history. His record at the helm is 85-43.

    The relationship between Hill and Whittingham reportedly grew tense, in part, over renegotiation discussions involving the coach’s contract and a department decision that went into effect last summer that future deals for football assistants would be one year in length. The latter was later amended to two years for coordinators.

    All three coaches who left Utah reportedly received multi-year offers at their new destinations. The Deseret News learned that Sitake received a verbal offer of three years at $750,000 annually (with incentives that make it $800,000 per year) to stay with the Utes. Another source, though, said that Oregon State gave Sitake an even more lucrative contract.

    Whittingham and Hill could not be reached for comment as the saga gained increased national media attention on Saturday.

    Yahoo! Sports asked: “Could the Kyle Whittingham era be coming to an end at Utah?” and Bruce Feldman, college football reporter for FOX Sports, sent out a Tweet that read: “Hearing situation between Whittingham & Utah AD is awful. Staffers wouldn’t be surprised if KW gets forced out & are hoping prez steps in.”

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    I'm saying there is a 75% chance he is leaving.

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    I think there is about a 5% chance of Whit leaving. He is rooted in town, his family is here, his kids(think he still has one in HS?) are here, including married and rooted as well. I just don't see him picking up and heading somewhere else for the last few years of his career, uprooting his family to do that.

    I don't think there is a shot in Hell that Hill will fire him, so that's that.

    Hell will freeze over before Whit takes a job, any job, with the Cougars.

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    Utah Football 2015

    I wonder how recruits and current players are looking at this situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    I wonder how recruits and current players are looking at this situation?
    Recruits-unless they are local(very few) or follow local radio/press on Twitter(highly unlikely), I assume it's not even on their radar. Save for if they were being recruited by Tui, DC or KS, then having those guys leave may make a blip.

    Current Players-they probably know the real scoop and thus, think it's all overblown anyway.

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