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Thread: Hero3+ xmas

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    Hero3+ xmas

    I guess I'm going to try the gopro thing now; got the 3+ for Xmas. I admit I haven't been paying attention to any discussion about gopro and now my education time is short 'cause I want to bring it to Freeze Fest on Monday.
    Got a helmet mount, extra batteries, 64 gig sd card (left over when I replace the one in my phone with a 128). Got the basics of how to use it, I think.
    Two questions; first is there some obvious mistake new users should be aware of? And second, do I need those anti-fog inserts for shooting in the cold?

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    GoPros can be finicky, so make sure that SD cards works well before venturing out. Not sure about the anti-fog inserts, I haven't used them except in very humid conditions.

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    Keep in mind that most of your footage will probably suck, and you'll want to show off just a minimal part of your total film.

    On average I film between 1 and 2 hours of each event like biking, boating, snowboarding... and I try to cut it down to about 2-3 minutes for the final video and most of the time it looks decent.

    The parts where your head is moving a lot, if it's mounted to the helmet, will most likely be unwatchable. So remember to move your head slow and steady for action shots you're thinking you'd like to watch later.

    Wear your helmet around the house and film for a bit just to get the angle right, and get the GoPro app on your phone to see how it looks as you are filming.

    Good luck!

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    Batteries!!! Either wasabi or smatree. Great options, quality, long lasting and a heck of a lot cheaper.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I had heard before that you should shoot as much as possible, but plan to only use the best minute or two. That sounds like good advice. I have tried out the SD card; shot some time-lapse while packing for the trip. And shot some video to test out the angle on the helmet mount. Seems to work fine. I'm set with far more memory than battery.

    Speaking of battery, anyone tried these Brunton "all-day" batteries?

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    Oh, and the phone app. It's a little laggy, but works for checking a viewpoint, and it's great for changing camera settings.

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    Yeah it's about 2 seconds lagging, varying on your phone hardware and WiFi signal. Mainly to be used for visual of the shot

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