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Thread: Snowbasin 2014 - 2015 Season Ride Reports

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    Snowbasin 2014 - 2015 Season Ride Reports

    Today was day 5 for me up at Snowbasin this season, since opening day right before Thanksgiving

    Mostly consisting of quick trips up there after work to get a couple of runs in. So far it's been mainly groomer runs since we're waiting for the big storm this week. That's what's nice about a season pass though, is you're not gambling your sick/vacation days hoping you've landed on the perfect powder day to head up. You can go up everyday if you like and just slip a run or two in.

    Today was a gorgeous day, crisp and clear. Ice was on a lot of the runs though. Yesterday I put in a run and it was very low visibility up top so today's clear conditions were very welcome.

    Even Santa showed up!

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    Day 6, headed up for a run after work. Nice blue skies.

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