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Thread: Portable solar panels for camping

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    Portable solar panels for camping

    Does anyone use portable solar chargers like the foldable Anker or GoalZero 7W or 14W panels while camping/packing? They're probably not for the ultralight pack trips, but more for pro photographers or other device-intensive folks. I'm just curious how useful people find them, and how you get enough sunlight without sitting around all day? I guess you have to plan a rest day if you need to recharge things?


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    I have the 7W. It's slow, but will charge most USB type things. My neice hangs her goalzero panels off her pack as she traipses the countryside (Anthroo-archaeologist) and keeps her phone (which is also gps and such) powered up.

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    Solar chargers are worthless without a dump battery. Charge the battery with solar, then plug in your device. You can do a week long trip without even bringing a solar panel if you have a good battery unit.

    That said, I hear great things about the Solarmonkey products.

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