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Thread: Guesses on which canyon

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    Guesses on which canyon

    I made it all the way through Zak Anderegg's book Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself and after watching the video and comparing to photos of Kaibito, I'm wondering if "Rescuing Riley" came from a closed canyon. What are other people's thoughts?

    The 32 second mark of the video sure looks a whole lot like an image about half way down on this link

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    Guesses on which canyon

    That was my thought when I watched the video. From pictures I've seen and stories I've heard of some of the slots in the area, it certainly looks like one of them. The headlamp rappel is definitely indicative of one or more of those slots.

    But regardless of the slot, this is a neat story. I'm a huge dog person so this really tugged at my heart strings. Definitely my feel-good for the day.

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    I think you found it.

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    That would be Butterfly canyon...he was able to get the ATV to the edge because there's and old sheep trail that runs along the north of it leading into Kaibito Creek, just downstream from the falls. Yes, it is closed but you don't drive right by any hogans to get to it.

    The technical part of Kaibito is considerably further upstream.

    Boy, did that dog get lucky...hours from death. A gnarled out Navajo dog. I don't think anyone "put" it there...I think it wandered into the slot, kept going down because getting back up was too hard, and somehow made it (fell?) down into that pothole without breaking anything.

    I would imagine that very, very few people are poaching that canyon. But then again, maybe the locals (the whites in Page) know that you can drive out there and hike to the falls unmolested. The Navajo probably know it as well but don't care. Back in the nineties, that area was open to all.
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    Funny you'd bring this up. I guessed it was one of the closed slots the first time I heard about this months back. Also of interest, the link you put up to Anatomy of a Slot Canyon hike was written by John Mumaw. He flat out denied he'd ever been to Kaibito when I asked him about it in an email exchange. Riiiight. Anyhow, these need to be opened back up. They seem like the best on the plateau.

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    But then again, maybe the locals (the whites in Page) know that you can drive out there and hike to the falls unmolested.

    Occasionally, I've heard that they give permits for lower Kaibito (if you don't park on a residential road), just not the technical section. The website says it's closed, I know a few people who have been able to get a permit (though that was a few years ago).
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