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Thread: Willis Canyon & Coyote Gulch

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    Willis Canyon & Coyote Gulch

    We wanted to get in one more good ride before the bad weather arrived So we headed south for the weekend. We stopped at Willis Canyon south of Cannonville for a quick ride up the canyon on our way south on friday. Lots of ice in the canyon.

    We made it up past the second narrows and then said phooey on this and climb up and out of the canyon.

    Looking down from on the top, we could see that most of the creek was just as frozen, so it was a good call to get out of the canyon.

    We continued over past Escalante and down the hole in rock road. We camped at RedWell and the next morning we dropped into Coyote Gulch and rode down to Coyote Gulch Natural Bridge and past Jacob Hamblin Arch. It was about 12 mile down the canyon and after lunch we returned back to our camp. A storm was blowing in and we had some really strong winds that night. The tent had blown down and we just piled into the horse trailer for the night. Ate dinner and just went to bed at 6pm and listened to wind rock the trailer most of the night.

    Dropping into Coyote Gulch

    Coyote Gulch Natural Bridge

    Jacob Hamblin Arch

    The size of the walls in the canyon make horses look pretty small

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