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Thread: Emergency contacts

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    Emergency contacts

    Does anyone know of a good list of emergency contacts (e.g. SAR, Hospitals, Sheriff, etc.) in SRS, Lake Powell/North Wash, Moab, Capitol Reef, and Escalante? I'm planning a few trips in some of these areas next year, and thought such a list would be beneficial for others. Feel free to expand the list to areas beyond those mentioned.

    For Escalante I have:
    • Escalante City police: 801-602-6428
    • Garfield County Sheriff: 435-676-2678 (375 N. 700 West, Panquitch, Utah 84759)
    • Glen Canyon NRA (24 hr. Dispatch): 1-800-582-4351
    • Kane County Sheriff's Office: 435-644-2349

    For Zion I have:
    [LIST][*]Zion EMERGENCY (24 hr.): 435-772-3322[*]Springdale Clinic: 435-772-3226[*]Hospitals:
    [LIST][*][*]St. George - (435) 251-1000 (DIXIE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER)[*]Cedar City - (435) 868-500 (Valley View Medical Center)[*]Kanab

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    Just call 911 in an emergency. Why would you want to call the hospital or city police if there was a canyoneering emergency?
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    Yes, but there are less extreme situations (e.g. dehydration, twisted ankles) in which we may want to take the injured person for proper treatment and use nearby facilities (which might allow us to continue our trip w/ or w/o him). I like to go prepared when going outdoors (regardless of canyoneering), especially in such remote areas.

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    Calling 911 usually gets you a statewide dispatcher. If you do know who is responsible for your emergency (most citizens would not), you can get a more informed person on the line quicker with less transfers.

    Especially on a cell in a marginal area, that can be critical.

    This would be good info to have on ropewiki.

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    Valuable link - thanks!

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    I couldn't find SRS on the list. This is what I have:

    • Emery County Sheriff's Office - Search & Rescue Team

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    for SoCal Angeles NF, the dispatch number is (661) 723-2703. There are too many local SAR groups to try and figure out which is right.

    I believe this number covers San Bernardino NF too and all NPS/USFS/BLM lands in SoCal.

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