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Thread: Kane Creek Road Rock Art

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    Kane Creek Road Rock Art

    Looking for some help and advise here. Next weekend I'm taking a group climbing down Kane Creek Road. We're planning on camping at the Ledges Campground about 8.5miles down the road. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on some rock art or ruins anywhere in that vicinity. I know about the publicized sites closer to town. Just interested if there is anything interesting further up canyon. PM me if the info is sensitive.
    If I get a good photo I'll send a free print your way!
    Thanks for any info in advance.

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    Between the pull-off for Moonflower Camping area and the entrance to Pritchett Canyon 4X4 route there are several spots along the rock walls. Some just a few feet off the road. I do not have GPS coordinates for them, but they are pretty easy to spot.

    There are several spots off the road when it turns to dirt and heads south up the canyon. At the parking lot for the Amasa Back bike trail, look South. Hike up toward the rock face.

    Start walking the Cliffhanger Jeep trail. Look North. If you see a large alcove, find a way to hike to it. :)

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks all of the suggestions.
    We ended up camping at one of the Ledges Campgrounds and doing some climbing at the ice cream parlor area. Walking along the road near camp came across a petroglyph of a centipede on a boulder just a few feet off of the road. Some of us went back later in the night and did some night photography.
    here's two pics of the night stuff. Not sure which one I like better,

    The next day we hiked up to the Owl petroglyph. Very impressive panel with lots of other smaller rock art in the area. I have explored the Moab area much for rock art but it seems there is a plethora of things to look for.

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