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Thread: AC/DC is BACK!!!

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    AC/DC is BACK!!!

    You have probably heard the news...
    • Founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young has dementia.
    • Angus and Malcolm's nephew, Stevie Young will replace Malcolm in the band. He filled in for Malcolm on their world tour in 1988.
    • AC/DC will release their first album since 2008's Black Ice, which was #1 in 10 countries, selling over 8 million copies worldwide.
    • AC/DC's new album, "Rock or Bust" will be released on 12.2.14. You can preview part of the single "play ball" on the MLB postseason clip on TBS.
    • In 39 years of their career, AC/DC sold over 200 million albums worldwide, roughly 71 million in the US.[6] Back in Black alone sold 22 million (50 million worldwide), and is the second highest-selling album of all time.

    Yes! I plan to attend at least one of their concerts on this tour, if not a couple!

    30 second:

    60 second:

    AC/DC - You Think You Know Classic Rock?

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    That's pretty heartbreaking about Mal. It's nice to know they're sticking with family to fill the gap though.

    Anxiously waiting the album and the tour.

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    AC/DC is BACK!!!
    IN BLACK!!!

    Sorry; just had to add that part.
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    Have they released any concert tour information?

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    Interview of Angus Young and Brian Johnson the day before they headlined the 1984 Monsters of Rock at Castle Donington.

    Part 1

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    Listen, pick me up
    Fill my cup
    Pour me another round
    Come on man, mix in the sin
    Come in and join the crowd
    I said it’s party time
    When I’m on the loose
    Make it feel alright
    Listen, drinks all around
    I’m in the mood
    Because the night is mine

    Let’s play ball
    Shoot down the walls, yeah
    Let’s play ball, baby
    Battin’ down the stalls
    Play, play, play ball

    Listen Sid, light me up
    I’m in love
    I’m all regional now
    Dive on in and swim in the gin
    Come on, shout it out loud

    Let’s play ball
    Shooting down the wall, yeah
    Let’s play ball
    Battin’ down the stalls, yeah
    Play, play, play ball

    Let’s play ball
    Shooting at a wall
    Let’s play ball
    And never stall
    Let’s play ball
    Let’s play ball
    Let’s play ball
    Play, play, play ball

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    I've got my 8 year old son excited to see them in concert.

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    AC/DC'S Thunderstruck played on cellos
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    They look old.

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    No kidding! Ten years from now, they'll REALLY look old! Can you imagine that? Two decrepit geezers rocking out. Jagger and crew are pretty much already there.

    Wanna see something scary? Take a look at Steve Howe these days.
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    AC/DC still has a great sound though.

    Check out the Stones...

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