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Thread: Lost Rope in Kolob, Found Rope in Spry

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    Lost Rope in Kolob, Found Rope in Spry

    September 6:
    While doing Kolob Canyon in Zion NP, Utah, we managed to get my bright orange rope (200ft) stuck on the last big rappel (Rap 11). If you find it and haul it back out: Pleeeease contact me. You will be rewarded!!

    September 7:
    While descending Spry Canyon the next day I found a rope - buried deep in the sand, but did not look too old. We managed to uncover it and took it back out. Want your rope back? No problem! Let me know where you lost the rope, color and length and it will go back.

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    Kolob is most likely flowing very strongly now. May be awhile for it to be tame again and be visited. I bet the rope has been dislodged now that the storm came through and is somewhere further down the drainage.

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    I carried out your rope today. Pm me and I will get it back to you

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    Wow!! Thank you so much!

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