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Thread: Help! - Mine Rock Colors?

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    Help! - Mine Rock Colors?

    I'm curious if anyone with Mining expertise can help a fellow,

    This was taken by my friend at the El Dorado Mine, up in Willard Canyon (ogden, utah). But what do the colors signify?

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    The yellow/orange mud that stains skin for days. The blue coating with bright blue/white spots? A dark purple? the green tint in some spots of the pic (copper, perhaps?)
    I assume yellow is sulfur?
    black-ish is iron?
    red-ish is gold?

    Curious minds would like to know!

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    I assume yellow is sulfur?
    Extremely unlikely in that area. It's probably clay stained with minerals.

    I'd have to look at the rocks in person to say with any reasonable certainty what the others are.

    Was the red wet? If so, it is probably iron stains unless it was near the entrance of the mine where there is light. If it was near light, it might be algae stains.

    Copper is easy to identify, but I can't tell from your photo. The blue and green might be copper, but I'd have to see a different photo.
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    I explored this mine in 2014 with a buddy of mine.

    It was a gold mine. In the early 1900’s a prospector went to a loan shark and borrowed $50,000 convincing others it was the motherload. After a few years of mining the El Dorado… Nothing of value was found and the mine abandoned.

    This mine has two access points that gets burried every year from the loose slate surrounding the openings. There is an upper level that most explore and a lower level most don’t know about. Both upper and lower are connected, however in the far rear of the mine there is a rotten ladder going to the lower section that is caked in clay. One would surly die trying to attempt going down that, even with the proper gear.

    This mine is extremely dangerous. The upper wood supports holding the rock on the upper opening are cracked and bowed excessively.

    Yes the clay on the ground is sulfur based. You can smell the sulfur outside of the mine standing next to it. Very rich in iron and other minerals.

    Fair warning:
    If one insists on exploring this mine…

    1. Let people know where you are going and if they don’t hear from you in 24 hours, your dead.

    2. Bring a friend and take turns going in and out of the mine.

    3. Bring 2 shovels, 100 feet of rope, food, water, flashlights, batteries, water proof boots, clothes you do not care about, jacket, sweater, etc, prepare yourself in case of cave in before entering.

    4. Leave your keys in your car so your buddy can go for help if needed.

    5. Bring two walking sticks for the hike back up, as it is near 600+feet of steep loose rock you will be going up and down.

    6. Make sure your funeral arraignments have been made.

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