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    1st Sprint Tri

    Has anyone else done a tri or sprint tri? I did my first sprint one a week ago on the 9th. It was just a local, Highland neighborhood race that a guy has put on for several years. More about letting folks try one out in a relaxed, not much pressure type environment. 5k run, 20k (or 23k) bike, 400 meter swim. I haven't even tried running for 10 years or so before this race and didn't train for it. Since it had been so long I thought for sure I'd be walking most of it. I ended up running the whole thing except for about 20-30 feet at the turnaround point. There were probably around 35-40 racers and I came in about the middle of the pack for the run leg.
    The bike leg was interesting. For the less experienced riders, their route was to take the new, paved Murdoch Canal Trail out to I-15 from where we started at Mitchell Hollow Park and back for 20k and a mostly flat ride. Those of us with more experience had to climb to the top of Suncrest with a distance of 23k and over 1,400' of climbing. I knew I'd make back time from the run on this route, which I did. I ended up passing everyone in front of me on the long climb and completed the 23k route in 53 minutes. I ended up setting a Strava PR time on the climb.
    Now to the swim. Not having done any running in years, I also haven't done any swimming to speak of in years. With about 5 laps to go, my left leg started to cramp up so bad I could hardly move it. It was painful! My son was married the day before the race and I got dehydrated that day. I knew I was dehydrated when I woke up race day morning. I tried drinking as much as I could the morning of but knew it was too late. Oh, well. I was still able to finish decently. Overall, I ended up with a 2nd place finish (that should tell you how low-key this event was!) and got beat by a 16 year-old who runs on the AF x-country team. Fun time and I enjoyed myself!
    For those of you who do run (not Sombeach!), what advice would you have for a beginner or a 54 year-old trying it out again? I just ordered some running shoes and plan on trying to run 1 morning a week to mix in with my cycling. BTW, my legs HURT for 4 days after the race!
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