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Thread: Solo 2 night trip near Clyde Lake

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    Solo 2 night trip near Clyde Lake

    I just got home from a solo backpacking trip near the popular Clyde Lake loop, beginning at Crystal Lake trailhead. A few days before I headed out on Friday, I saw a write up on KSL encouraging folks to check out the Clyde Lake loop, ugh. Thanks KSL.

    Anyways, had a nice time filled with much needed SILENCE for 3 days. I stayed at Hidden Lake just north from Clyde Lake.

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    So let me tell you about my Bear preparations. I went through all of this trouble to tie my pack up in the tree maybe 100' away from camp with any fragrant item. The nights were getting to my imagination with every little noise, I'm bringing ear plugs next time. So I'm packing up camp and I take down my hammock which is 3' in front of my tent, and I find my opened bag of beef jerky. Sheesh.

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    Awesome pic's. My bear Bait? was a bag of dried apricots oooops!

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    I guess sometimes they're just not hungry

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    Nice photos and report. Thanks!
    Might try that one -

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    You are safe to leave an open bag of beef jerky near your tent lol

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    Amazingly beautiful photos...that looks like an awesome hike.

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    Great pics! Which tent are you using?

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    ah man I'd have to unpack it to see the brand, it's probably 20 years old, it's getting a little beat up

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    Beat up tents are the best...until you get a new one!
    Life is what you make it. Everybody knows that...right?

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