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Thread: Kalalau Trail - Kauai

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    Kalalau Trail - Kauai

    Finally got a major trip crossed off my To-Do. I wanted to try something completely different, so why not Kalalau? I schemed my best friend and husband into the trip. It was beautiful, and also disappointing. I'm so glad we did it, I love the memories, but not so much on putting it on the must-return list either.

    The scenery is gorgeous! The trail is really something else. I had done similar lengths before, I underestimated how a hot, humid, windless day will chew you up and spit you out! That said the three of us made it all the way in and out. It was nice to be somewhere away from all the island roosters. Flip-side of the coin, it was obnoxious to hear constant helicopter drone all day long! I saw A LOT of underprepared, over-exhausted people on the trail. We tried to dissuade one couple from going any further. There was NO way they were getting to camp on time, later we saw a chopper fly in and I'm almost certain it had to be that couple.

    Saw lots of hippies! We made friends with one who happened to be our neighbor, he was alright. We had him over for dinner one night. He did his best to convince my friend to take up residence in the valley with him. Alas she likes plumbing and electricity too much, go figure!

    The hippies take up residence in the valley, and lots of them like to walk around, ahem, well you know, without any clothes or anything. And it's equal opportunity, sitting on the beach one day a boat starts tossing garbage bags into the surf. Then what we affectionately recall as "nude dudes on parade" popped out of the forest and start swimming out to retrieve the supply drop.

    We timed our hike during a full moon. THAT was beautiful, I loved sitting on the beach by moonlight. We ended up ditching the tri-pod in favor of weight, so no nightshots.

    For your enjoyment:
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    perfect spot to work away the aches of the trail!
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    I had to laugh at this sign - at crawler's ledge you really have no choice!
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    Met 2 couples that turned back when they spotted this section. Come prepared!
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    Thanks for sharing! This was a very fun-filled adventure when my family and I did it back in 2011.

    Indeed - the scenery can't be beat.

    Was this hike the only one you did in Kauai? Did you check out the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean"? Or go to the lookout near the observatory for a view back down into 'hippie valley'? So cool!
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    We did go up Waimea Canyon but no hiking. My friend had sprained her foot about 2/3 of the hike into Kalalau. With lots of Ibuprofen we got her in and then on the way out my husband loaded what he could from her pack into his. Because of this we definitely spent the rest of our trip on a more relaxed kind of note.
    We did go to the lookout but lolly-gagged too much on the way in and it was all clouded over when we got up there. We ate lots of island mango, made the most of happy hours and spent lots of time doing not much of anything at all on the beaches :)

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    I've always wanted to do this hike too. We've gone to the first beach only (aka the one with a million cats). Thanks for posting!

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