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Thread: Uintas Red castle Labor Day weekend

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    Uintas Red castle Labor Day weekend

    Hello there, so I planned my 4 day trip to the area not knowingly for Labor Day weekend. I'm always looking for a quiet secluded trip, would I be going wrong going into this area on such a holiday? I could steer the trip to another location. Appreciate any help!

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    That area is very scenic and popular, but it is also large, so there still should be plenty of room to spread out. It's really only around the large lakes (especially Lower Red Castle) that will be crowded.

    I'd recommend the route in from the East Fork Blacks Fork Trailhead. It has a bit more elevation gain, but is more scenic (with great views) and the route is much less used than the trail in from China Meadows.
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    Would that be the trail that goes over bald mountain?

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