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Thread: Thunder Mountain Trail near Bryce Canyon

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    Thunder Mountain Trail near Bryce Canyon

    Since my wife ran the Bryce Canyon half marathon again, I took my bike down again to ride Thunder Mountain. Seems like a pretty good trade off we've got going.

    This time I rode it solo. I didn't have another adult to ride with so I didn't want to take my boy in case something happened to me, he'd be stranded up there.

    So anyways, had another great ride. Only saw one other single dude riding UP, I didn't have the heart to tell him uphill sucks, as he was already walking it.

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    Looks fun! How was the trail? I heard it got really damaged by water a year or two ago.

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    The trail was just fine, it doesn't seem any different from the last time I rode it

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    We rode it last fall (around August) and the trail was severely damaged. In fact in Justin's third pic from the bottom you can see it's been repaired. When we were there the turn onto the fin was totally gone. Pretty much all of the flowy stuff on the bottom half of the trail was washed out. The area where it reaches the bottom and goes across the wash was so bad we couldn't tell where the trail was or supposed to go.

    Glad to hear it's been fixed! I'll be there this month some time!
    beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

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