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Thread: Fun, Free (or cheap!) Summertime Outdoor Activities to do in Utah Valley

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    Fun, Free (or cheap!) Summertime Outdoor Activities to do in Utah Valley

    Hi, all. I have a recently single mom and close friend looking for fun, cheap summertime outdoor activities to do with her kids in Utah Valley. She doesn't have much money and wants to stay close to home (northern Utah County). Her 2 kids are 4 and 15 (I know, quite the spread). I took the mom and kids hiking with me a couple of nights ago, up AF Canyon, while I did some trailwork. Afterwards, we drove down to Cascade Springs. They really enjoyed the outing and were very grateful. Anyway, I'm drawing a blank for similar outings. Ideas?
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    Fun, Free (or cheap!) Summertime Outdoor Activities to do in Utah Valley

    Saratoga hot springs (during the day of course - to avoid the rifraf at night) would be nice... But it is summer...but it is close and free and easy access.

    Battle creek falls in Pleasant Grove features 2 waterfalls about 50+feet. It is about a 15 min walk from the trailhead. Easy.

    Timpanangous Cave, perhaps? Not free but still a great outing.

    Grotto Falls in Payson - about .5 miles or so to the waterfall (15-20ft) and easy hiking.

    You could go up one of the canyons and have a dinner and s'mores. Or a big BBQ, etc.

    I know of one group that has free star parties, where volunteers bring telescopes and have an astronomy night. Those are just once a month though.
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    Fifth Water Hot springs / the "hot pots" up Diamond Fork Canyon (up Spanish Fork Canyon)
    The pass of all passes (7 peaks Provo, 7 Peaks salt lake, Trafalga Orem, Trafalga Lehi, etc.)
    Hike the Y
    Geocaching (Android phones have some great free geocaching apps, if they don't own a GPS)
    Dry Canyon
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    Good ideas! Thanks!
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    Here are three more water falls in the Provo Canyon area; Bridal Veil Falls, Upper Falls (about 1/2 mile east of Bridal Veil), Stewart falls past Sundance.

    There is a fun little man made lake, run off pool in Spanish Fork (known as "The Rez") on the east side of Spanish Fork above Spanish Oaks Golf Course. It's free with a nice beach area. If you go to Payson, there are a bunch of lakes up Payson Canyon (Payson Lakes) that are fun to hike around and fish.
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    Floating the Provo River is one of my favorite cheap summer activities. Probably a little too much for a 4 y/o, but older kids have a great time.

    Provo River Float

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