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Thread: 2014 season Snowbasin Area Trails

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    2014 season Snowbasin Area Trails

    Rather than have one trip report a week of the same trail, I'll combine all of my Snowbasin, Ogden Overlook, Sardine Peak, Icebox and Wheeler Canyon rides here since we'll be up there about every week.

    Tonight's ride with Mark, James and Dave.

    You guys really need to meet up with us and do this, it's the best ride up here.

    Did I mention

    We're usually meeting at the bottom of Wheeler around 5:30 or so, to drop off a vehicle and cruise up. Once in a while we get completely insane and just ride one of the trails on the resort like Needles loop without a shuttle. Stupid, I know. But hey we get cray cray sometimes.

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    Here's my solo ride last week just up to Ogden Overlook and back:

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    I'll second that. Those are definitely the best trails up there! I love it up there!

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    Wow i thought I would have filled this thread with a lot more pictures this year, but it turns out I just didn't get that many chances to ride.

    Colors at snowbasin are already starting to change and it is a little bittersweet.

    The trails were perfect tacky after the Monday and Tuesday rains though.

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    I'm a little jealous. I need to get up there again. Looks real pretty up there.

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