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Thread: South Willow Canyon

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    South Willow Canyon

    Spent the last three weekends up in South willow Canyon. Perfect time of year for this area, Not to cold with just a few patches of snow.Name:  South_willow6_1-22.jpg
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Size:  113.2 KBName:  South_willow6_1-24.jpg
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Size:  83.3 KBName:  South_willow6_1-40.jpg
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Size:  113.0 KBName:  South_willow6_1-41.jpg
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    A few more pics Name:  South_willow6_1-1.jpg
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    Beautiful. Is this near Starwberry? I know there's a Willow Canyon south from Soldier Creek but the mountains aren't as rugged as your pictures.
    Just where is it I could find bear, beaver, and other critters worth cash money when skint?

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    Its in the Stansbury Range west of Grantsville.

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    Cool. I take it it wasn't crowded?
    Just where is it I could find bear, beaver, and other critters worth cash money when skint?

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    A few day hikers and one group of overnighter's. They stayed at the lake and said it got cold.

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    North Willow Canyon is a great option as well. The road is a little rougher and less people but its a beautiful canyon.

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    I will check out North willow next time

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    I'm going up there this weekend. Camp Convergence is just 1.5 miles up, named by my daughter. Great for a warm base camp for a hike to the summit or the lake. All are welcome!

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