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Thread: Water Canyon, Robbers Roost 2014

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    Water Canyon, Robbers Roost 2014

    [SIZE=4]30 March 2014, four of us journeyed through Water Canyon in the High Spur area of Robbers Roost. The adventure took us 7 hours using a shuttle vehicle. Equipment included a 110ft rope, 110ft pull cord, 100ft webbing and plenty of hardware and tools. There were lots of interesting features in the canyon that kept our attention all the way till the end.

    I've heard people talk about the amount of mud in this canyon but the only mud we ran into was just before the final drop into Horseshoe Canyon and it was hysterically crotch deep. We exited looking like monsters and I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous we all looked. Natalie had the sense to stem over the worst of it and came out looking the best, as usual…

    This was the last canyon of the five we set out to do and am happy we stuck to the plan. It was a great time and will definitely put this one on the repeat list.

    Beta obtained from Which we found both accurate and helpful.

    Name:  High Spur.jpg
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    Name:  High Spur Canyons.jpg
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    The path we took started by following a little stream bed to the head of the canyon.
    Name:  Overview.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_6141.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_6148.jpg
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    A clever anchor solution that we reinforced with small rocks
    Name:  IMG_6154.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_6156.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_6170.jpg
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    This is what we found worked best for us to defeat this obstacle
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    Name:  IMG_6178.jpg
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    Natalie on rappel, final drop
    Name:  IMG_6191.jpg
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    Looking back up the final drop
    Name:  IMG_6192.jpg
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    Rock art panel
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    Name:  IMG_6200.jpg
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    Fantastic TR! As usual. Thanks for posting.

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    Posted on another thread. Checking to see how big the “big drop” is, down canyon from the standard exit route?

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    The biggest rappel in RR Water Canyon is 85' and mostly free hanging. This leads to Horseshoe Canyon and enters at the Horseshoe Gallery.

    Water Canyon - Robbers Roost

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