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Thread: Trip Report (sort of) to the Swell

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    Trip Report (sort of) to the Swell

    Long time lurker first time poster.
    We headed out this weekend to the Swell and due to the rain/weather bailed on the slot canyons for safety sake and decided to do a bit of exploring in areas we typically don't hit up. As we explored around so less traveled areas we came upon this old mining relic and found it quite interesting. Interesting becasue it was in great condition as not many people get to this area and because it is some sort of a drilling rig as opposed to a mining tool, as I understand most mining in the swell was in caves for Uranium. My question is does anyone know what they might have been drilling for in this area- Uranium I guess but maybe water? Fun to find anyhow. If anyone is interested I can get the GPS cords.Name:  IMG_6823.jpg
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    Ah yes, thats what Shane refers to as the "drilling Derrick" out by iron wash. It's a nest piece of equipment fer sure. On shanes site ( he states he doesn't know what it is used for either.

    Who knows?
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    Who knows?
    It was used to drill test holes for uranium (even though the vehicle is older than the uranium boom).
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    Ah yes. Don't know why I didn't think to look on Shane's site. But that type of drilling makes sense. Thx

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