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Thread: Eagle Mtn Singletrack - 5/2/14

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    Eagle Mtn Singletrack - 5/2/14

    We had a great ride. Let the pictures flow...

    Riders were @fourtycal, @Ride On, @JONBOYLEMON, @Mtnseeker1, @accadacca

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    I have a picture or 2, but until I get the chocolate pudding that replaced all my fat and bone during the ride, I am too tired and sore to post.

    Thanks guys, was a blast, thanks for waiting for me!

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    Eagle Mtn Singletrack - 5/2/14

    Jon leading the pack...dusting everyone in his path!

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    Do any of you know Craig Wilcox?

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    Thanks guys for letting me follow along. Sorry to hold everyone back, but it was good to see some real riding! I was definitely pushed! I am a novice and if those were intermediate trails then I am thrilled to have done them.

    I started work @ 5:00 Friday morning and left work @ 4:30 or so and neglected to get some food prior to the ride so I was needing some fuel for the body. So dumping it on the 1st hill kinda knocked the wind out of me as I hurt my leg a bit on the dismount or bike recovery, or something. I have a bionic leg (Without the superpowers) due to a little run in with Cancer 12 years ago, and it does fine, but its defiantly a weak link. Made it hard to stand on the pegs after that point! Still walking with a little bit of a gimp today.

    My Backside was tender after the ride, and I pulled the last of the cactus spines out of my hand and backside today from that 1st dump on the hill. Terrible place for a cactus!!!!

    It was a rather intimidating ride knowing from the get go I was a rookie and you guys were pretty serious!

    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and appreciate you guys waiting up for me the entire ride! I will keep riding, and some day will hopefully be able to keep up a little better. Pleasure to meet all you guys.

    It was a Hoot!!!!

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    You did great Jon! It was a pleasure riding with you.

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    Fun ride with great guys and great single tracks.
    I really liked that section by the garbage area where a butch of idiots are to cheap to take their crap to the real dumps.
    It just had this really great flow with lots of turns and some other goodies thrown in.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
    Life is good and life is fare.

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