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Thread: Dragonfly and Blue-Eyed Princess

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    Dragonfly and Blue-Eyed Princess

    Saturday was a nearly perfect day for a hike. I checked out the Dragonfly and Blue-Eyed Princess pictograph panels, the former of which is one of the best I've ever seen! The Dragonfly panel sits on an angled wall at the back of an alcove, and to the left in a deeper part of the alcove are a few slab-lined granaries held together with mud. There is also quite a bit of lithic scatter and broken pottery of all sorts lying on the ground in and around the alcove.

    Piece of pottery in the Dragonfly Panel alcove

    Piece of pottery in the Dragonfly Panel alcove

    Granaries in the Dragonfly Panel alcove

    Granary detail showing sandstone slab and mud holding it together

    Inside a granary

    The details in the Dragonfly panel are tiny and several of the figures are quite different from the many I've seen nearby.

    Dragonfly Panel overview

    Lower-left portion of Dragonfly Panel

    Elongated winged figure

    Four figures below a rainbow

    One of the tiniest figures I've ever seen



    Dragonfly and another figure

    Tiny rabbit or dog

    Huge figure near the Dragonfly Panel

    The Blue-Eyed Princess panel, which by itself is interesting and worth visiting, pales in comparison to Dragonfly. The main figure and namesake of the panel has two differently-colored eyes, but I couldn't tell whether they were actually blue. The surfaces behind the two largest figures had been abraded smooth before painting, and there were several other such spots that had been prepared but never painted. If the artist had followed through on his or her plans to paint all of the prepared areas, this would have been one amazing panel.

    Pictographs near the Blue-Eyed Princess, including two hunchback figures

    A spot that was abraded and prepared for paint, but was left unpainted

    Two main figures at the Blue-Eyed Princess Panel

    Blue-Eyed Princess and bird figure

    Blue-Eyed Princess

    Bird figure

    Large crowned figure and flute player

    Flute player

    Upside-down human figure near Blue-Eyed Princess

    Full photo gallery:
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    You need to write a book with hike descriptions....

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    Those Indians be trippin'
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    wow so cool. This is a site I'm just now hearing about. Is this one you'd be willing to share the location of privately?

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    Over 180 trips posted?! You da man.

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    Where is this?

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    Great pics. I have seen a couple of pics of these sites before and have searched for clues for their location, but have not had any luck.
    I would be willing to trade some information for these spots for any locations/directions that I may have that you might be searching for.......
    Check out puts the age of these at approximately 400 to 700 years old.
    Some get the Blue-eyed Princess and the Moqui Queen / Moqui Princess mixed up; which is a similar Barrier Style pictograph.
    "At a Barrier Canyon Site in North Wash called the "Moki Queen" is a zoomorph. It was first reported and photographed in 1932 by Julian H. Steward"

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