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Thread: Trip to Powell on Presidents Day

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    Trip to Powell on Presidents Day

    President’s Day weekend: Back to Lake Powell to go four wheeling! I took my buddy Don and son Matt. We started out at Ticaboo and put 54 miles on. We went clear out to the Lake on various points. Some of my pictures you can see tapestry wall on Lake Powell. There is a road that goes to the top of tapestry wall. I will try to find it and do it again next time. We also went riding on the backside of Mt. Pennel on the Henry Mountains up Bullfrog Creek. I was hoping to spot some buffalo but was not successful. The road bullfrog creek is mostly up the creek! At one time, I am sure, it was a better road than what we had. But we found some open places and saw Brinkerhoff’s cows. The last photo is a spot to the west of bullfrog creek where the water from a flood has flooded out on the desert flat land. You can see the high water mark. It would have been impressive to have see this flood in action.

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    I've ridden that area as I have a friend that lives in Ticaboo. There's a section of trail that seemed to be covered in dino fossils that look like chunks of skin. Did you happen to hit that area? Rugged section.. lost a CV boot due to the rocks and debris on the trail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BruteForce View Post
    I've ridden that area as I have a friend that lives in Ticaboo. There's a section of trail that seemed to be covered in dino fossils that look like chunks of skin. Did you happen to hit that area? Rugged section.. lost a CV boot due to the rocks and debris on the trail.
    Brute Force
    I did not see any of the fossil chunks. Would like to know where they are as I will ride out there again. Perhaps next time I will get in touch with you and I can try and figure out just where to look. We had a blast out there. Its not technical riding just pretty.

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