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Thread: Spring break trip to Notch Peak Sand Hallow and 3 corners

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    Spring break trip to Notch Peak Sand Hallow and 3 corners

    Day one of spring break: Wednesday, April 2nd – A fourwheeler trip to Notch Peak seemed to be in order! I picked up my friend Dale and off to Delta we went. Not sure what we would find on the trails to the top, but I wondered if there would be too much snow…and as it turned out there was too much snow to make it all the way to the ridge! However, there are some wonderful ATV trails on this mountain range. I will be back when the snow is gone so that I can get a peek into the Notch! I know that it is a serious hike all the way to the top of the cliff face of the peak that will have to come another day. On the way to St. George we passed a train hauling military tanks. It was fun to see that many tanks in one place.

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    Day two of spring break: Thursday, April 3rd – St. George, Sand Hollow. I have ridden Sand Hollow years ago as they were filling the reservoir and I wanted to see it again. So, we rode all over the sand and out on the rocks. It was another great day to be in southern Utah! Riding my four wheeler on the sand is only about half as much fun as riding my snowmobile in the mountains on the snow.

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    Day three of spring break: Friday, April 4th – Some place new that I had never thought about but a friend of mine told me we could go to. So I met Kirk, Dez, and Dave for a ride into Beaver Dam wash over the Utah hill. There was no technical riding but the desert scenery was amazing. We stopped at an old man’s homestead where he has been living for I don’t know how many years and took some photos. They say he died four weeks ago. We went up Beaver Dam wash for a few miles, found a river bed out and up on top of the desert where the trail leads to three corners that boarders Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We left and headed back into Utah from Nevada into an amazing joshua tree forest. It was amazingly pretty. On the way out, we were on a well graveled road and the belt on my four wheeler decided that it had had enough! So I had to be towed out the last five miles. All in all, I had three great days where I put 135 miles on my four wheeler!

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    I have never ridden in this area of Beaver Dam but just might have to do it this season !! Thanks for share ;-)
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