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Thread: Nine Mile the Third

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    Nine Mile the Third

    I had planned on camping at Cliff Dweller Flat and hiking Eardley Canyon this weekend, but a 30% chance of rain scared me off. The long section of slot canyon in Eardley is no place to be during a storm given its huge drainage area. Instead, I slept in late at home and on Saturday morning made up my mind to hit Nine Mile Canyon once again. There were several sites I wanted to visit: some I'd seen from a distance on my last trip, some I'd gleaned from the internet, and others I learned of from a friend. At the very first site I hiked up to I encountered a small rattlesnake--I heard it before I saw it. The dogs had run past it twice before I realized what the sound was because from a distance it sounded more like an insect. I took the dogs down to the Jeep then hiked alone back up the talus slope to check out the petroglyphs. Funny--the main figure at this panel was a large snake.

    A small midget faded rattlesnake at the first rock art site I visited

    Snake and other petroglyphs

    Tethered sheep petroglyph that seems to be a common theme in Nine Mile Canyon

    Big feet

    The next site was a very short distance down the road and there were quite a few good petroglyphs there. Many of them were obscured by mud or patina, though their original artistry was still evident.

    Large, horned human figure

    Shield figure and sheep

    Mud-covered petroglyph

    Mud-covered petroglyph with life-sized hands

    High petroglyphs

    Figures holding sticks and shields

    Two shields

    Large, weathered petroglyph

    I passed up on hiking to a few sites that I saw and just photographed them from the road on the way to my next destination. The next stop held a few pit houses and some great petroglyphs. My favorite was a large elk that had some lichen growing in its peck marks.

    High, distant petroglyphs photographed from the road

    Petroglyphs on private property near Argyle Canyon

    Pig Head Rock

    Semi-circular alcove with petroglyphs very high above the canyon floor

    Pit house remnants

    Side canyon

    Abstract figure

    Two snakes

    Snake and bison(?)

    Sheep with pronounced hooves

    Fingers, toes, and fairy dust

    Large elk

    Lichen growing in the peck marks in the elk's body

    Snake and canine(?)

    Sheep with funky feet

    Human figure behind a large stone slab

    Again, I stopped for some panels that I noticed from the road. I finally found the Santa and Reindeer Panel that was impossibly high on a cliff, though I think I figured out how to get up close to it--something for another trip! I also scrambled up to some granaries and wonderful white snake pictographs that I spotted during my last trip.

    Lots of dots

    An interesting panel, but heavy winds and rain kept me from getting a closer look

    Santa and his reindeer

    Dots and wavy line

    Pit house remains below some granaries

    Remains of two granaries

    High granary

    Pit house remains

    High alove with white snake pictographs

    White snake pictographs

    My last stop was at the Family Panel. I had been ridiculously close to it last time but didn't spot it then. This time I had some info from a friend that helped me find it. The dogs were tired of being cooped up in the Jeep--luckily some clouds had moved in and made it possible for me to leave them there safely--and I drove home while consciously trying not to spot more rock art.

    Horned spiral snake

    Figures near the spiral snake

    Family Panel

    Pictograph near a Boulder

    Full photo gallery:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Udink View Post
    Abstract figure
    Coiled Rattlesnake?

    Nice TR. Thx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udink View Post

    Shield figure and sheep

    Figures holding sticks and shields

    Ancient NBA All-Star Game.

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