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    tapatalk help

    So for about a month now I have been unable to connect bogley through tapatalk. I can get on through a browser. I can get on other forums through tapatalk. When I initially try to get in it says "unable to connect please contact system administrator". I tried updating tapatalk with no luck, any ideas?

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    I use Tapatalk and have no problems. Perhaps you could uninstall the app or try deleting the a Bogley account and start over.

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    Thanks for the advise, I tried updating, clearing cache and data. Finally Un installed and re installed. Good to go now with tapatalk.

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    There is a "tapatalk" login, then there is a bogley login. The two are completely unrelated. Are you trying the bogley login?

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    Yes the bogley login. I have never had a problem before and then about a month ago I couldn't see anything through tapatalk. Just say "unable to connect" or "loading". I would still get notifications on my phone through tapatalk but it wouldn't let me read them. It would work through other forums I'm a member of no problem. Seemed weird, thought it was my phone at first, (note 2). I tried all I could think if and as a last option tried buff-canyoneer's advice an Un installed. Worked great sense. Go figure. ...?

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    I had a similar problem a while back. It happened after a tapatalk update. Clearing the cache and data fixed my problem.

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