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Thread: Five ten canyoneers for women / GPS

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    Five ten canyoneers for women / GPS

    Hi :)
    I'm having a hard time finding Five Ten Canyoneers in my size. They seem to only be sized for men and when I try to look for them even in the small men's sizes I can't find anything small enough at all. Has anyone had any luck finding these small sizes somewhere?

    I'm also trying to get recommendations for a GPS. I am worried about my route finding skill level. Mainly looking for ease of use and affordability.

    These are my last two items needed for my May trip to Zion! :) any info would be much appreciated!

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    Hi Barbie and welcome to Bogley. My wife found Canyoneers on Zappos a couple years ago. is a great local company (in Alpine) and has great prices on all Garmin models. The eTrex20 is a nice unit.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to Bogley.

    Canyoneering shoes for women have always been a problem. Many women complain the Five-10 Canyoneers are too wide for their foot making them uncomfortable. Also women with small feet are just out of luck as I believe a Men's size 5 is the smallest size available.

    Some women have found a good approach shoe to be a reasonable work around. At one time my wife was using Five-10 Exum Guides with good results and never complained about her shoes. She is currently using Canyoneers and she is always complaining about them, the basic problem is the foot box is just to wide for her foot.

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    Thank you! That was very helpful :)

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    Yeah, I do have some good approach shoes. The five ten canyoneers aren't very comfy for anyone are they? Lol definitely awesome shoes though. One trip I rented some and they had a size that fit fine and with neoprene socks they weren't bad comfort wise. Luckily I have never been one to be too concerned about the comfort of my feet anyway. It's just so impossible for me to find the small size online at all. They just don't stock the small sizes. It's frustrating! Women canyoneer too! Thanks for your help :)

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    I just bought the Adidas Terrex Scope shoes. They're great, come in awomen's model, and have the sticky stealth rubber made by five ten. They are expensive though.

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    I have lost (or was stolen) my beloved Garmin Map 60CSX and had to upgrade.

    The Garmin Oregon 450 is being discontinued and is a really good deal right now. It is much, much easier to use than the Map 60 using the touchscreen. The only downside I've found so far is that the battery life is now where near the Map 60.

    Oh yea, my wife tried on a few Canyoneer II's and hated them all, was much too wide for her. I'm looking for a good approach shoe for her.

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    one vote for Garmin Etrex 30.

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    Vasque Scree approach shoes have stealth rubber and are a pretty comfy shoe. Sierra Trading post has them on for ridiculously low prices if you sign up for their daily deals - between $40-$50. They no longer have all sizes but the smaller womens size are available.

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    I just bought an Etrex 30 and I have some good approach shoes. Thanks so much all of you! :)
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