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Thread: Low-level in a Typhoon through the Welsh valleys

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    Low-level in a Typhoon through the Welsh valleys

    Not me or my video, but some stunning scenery seen from a UK-based fast jet low-level over Wales and the English Lake District NP.

    Where is Cirrus2000 when you need him?


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    Interesting vid Rob L, thanks. I also found it interesting that they were buzzing a National Park or at least I would guess that is what NP stands for. I know first hand that the US Military is continually getting complaints from just landing at our bases so I know it would cause some controversy if some Hornets buzzed...say, The Grand Canyon or Grand Teton area. Don't get me wrong it would annoy me if I were backpacking the Teton Crest and was awakened by a 250 ft buzz....and yet at the same time it would be an interesting sight. Once again I just found it to be interesting.

    The countryside shown in the vid is beautiful.

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    Well, we have very few areas where our military can practice low-level flying away from the prying eyes of the American AWACS.

    They're not buzzing the National Park...they are doing what is necessary to maintain their flying skills. So they play amongst the small fields & stone walls of the Welsh & Cumbrian valleys. We don't have the vast desert areas that you have in the USA to do this. If some of these routes are within a NP, so be is with the agreement of the NP authorities.

    The "Mach Loop" is a favourite ( lots & lots of vids using "Mach Loop" as the search title); here's two examples:

    Still shots using the same search engine query provide some lovely photos.

    One regret is that I don't get the chance any more.

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    Got it. Glad it is not a problem.

    The below is the type of thing I am talking about and at a base I am familiar with. The Naval Air Station in VA Beach was there before being surrounded by city. The city built up around it and then began wanting the base to move because of noise.....and there is noise no question about it. This is just take off and landing, with the training happening over the water. Any low flying over the area just for low flying training would have people very unhappy! The west does have the desert areas such as the Barry Goldwater range, but not so much in the East. I'm sure they buzz some areas, perhaps even some App Trail areas, but I think they would be worried about posting the video as it would fuel some complaints.

    My point is just that I believe Americans are not as tolerant of this type of thing by comparison and based solely on your video. I am not taking a side of needing to be more or less tolerant, just pointing out what I perceived as a difference. Regardless, it was interesting to watch so thanks.

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