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Thread: Happy Canyon Backpacking - Utah

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    Happy Canyon Backpacking - Utah

    A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and decided to check out a place that has been on my list for some time, Happy Canyon. Just like most folks, due to the remoteness of the canyon I unfortunately only had a couple of hours to shoot the narrows before I had to head back toward camp, but none the less it was a great trip. Here's a brief overview.

    I started out on Poison Springs Road well after dark and made it about five miles down the road before ice-flows over the road had me too worried to continue. I spent the night camped next to a sandstone wall that the next morning I found to contain some gratified rock art. After checking out the rock art I packed up and headed on my down Poison Springs Canyon Road toward the Black Jump. For this trip I decided that a bike would be helpful to aid my approach so hoisting my 40+ pound pack I pedaled my way down the sandy road. I have to say that this was my first experience carrying a pack on a bike and I'm really not sure if it was more of an aid or a hindrance. I ended up pedaling most of the way barring a few really sandy spots on Poison Springs Road.

    Once at the Black Jump I ended up pushing my bike most of the way up the mining road that veers up toward the North along the Dirty Devil River Canyon. My legs were pretty much done by this point so after a ways up the road I stowed my bike behind some rocks and continued on foot, eventually making it to the First Point, as it is locally known, around 1530. My original plan was to camp much nearer the descent to Happy Canyon however my legs were cramping from all the pedaling through deep sand so I decided to call it a day and leisurely set up camp.

    I woke up early the next day, a little before dawn and headed down the road toward the descent spot, eventually reaching the dirty devil river about 1000. The crossing went well and the water was about mid-thigh depth, the main obstacle being watching for ice chunks floating down the river toward me. On the other side I dried off and sunned myself for awhile before exploring the Narrows of Happy Canyon.

    I enjoyed about three hours of shooting in the canyon before I figured I had to start heading back to camp. The canyon was beautiful and I think that with more time available I could have found some really nice shots. As it was I still managed to come away with a couple decent images.

    After the canyon I figured the crossing at the Dirty Devil would be deeper due to snow-melt. The water ended up coming up to the bottom of my shorts and it was definitely more powerful. I still made it across without incident. And the climb back up the drainage toward the road was without incident as well. From river to camp I ended up making good time, only taking about two hours.

    The evening was spent eating and rehydrating with dark brown Dirty Devil River water... mmmmm...
    The next morning I packed up and headed back toward my truck, still parked near the rock art on Poison Springs Canyon Road. The trip back took me about five hours.

    All in all I believe I ended up hiking/biking about thirty miles in three days and had about three hours to shoot the narrows. The trip was a great introduction to the area but in the future I think I will plan it a little different so I have more time in the canyon. Still a great trip all in all.

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    I've driven across the Poison Springs iceflows on many occasions. It's always "interesting".

    Happy Canyon is a nice one.
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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    I was tempted to drive to the Black Jump, but I just couldn't get past the idea of what would happen if I broke through and high-centered my truck on the ice. It ended up making for an awfully long approach though! Worth the effort all in all though.

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    Beautiful photos, I really enjoy that area. Driven up on the Black Jump twice, once to the very end of that drivable shelf road, had to route find a little off the top to the crossing, in those days no cairns or any signs of a trail other that a cattle type trail on the lower bench. Next time car camped up there and was glad to sleep in the back of my FJ cruiser with a big wind storm rocking the car. Also on my second rubber ducky trip down the Dirty Devil river took my boyfriend in there to see the neat narrows. We had been on the river a couple of days since putting in at Hanksville and he was sort of jaded but he really enjoyed that canyon. I have few shots from in there I did frame. Can't wait to get back in that area some day.
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    Happy Canyon Backpacking Utah

    Awesome pics I want to visit the grand canyon some day. I couldnt do it without checking out the strip or the kaibab plateau though......

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