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Thread: Powder Mountain Dec 2013

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    Powder Mountain Dec 2013

    Headed up to Pow Mow with a friend today, Paradise isn't open yet.

    The base is ok, and it would have been great if there wasn't a thin layer of crust on top of the powder today from the freezing rain.

    We could still find some untouched spots and once it was in a steep enough spot, we could cut through the thin crust decent enough and float on the powder, maybe a foot and a half.

    Just loaded the GoPro into the computer, I'll have some footage, but no great powder shots or anything like that. Or maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Very foggy today as well. Once in a while up top the sky would clear for a minute and be absolutely gorgeous with the blue sky and the white snowpacked trees.

    Sometimes we could barely see the chair in front of us going up. We parked at the Hidden Lake lodge, we COULD NO FIND OUR WAY OUT of the parking lot because of the fog, it was pretty empty too so we're driving for 20 minutes in circles until I had to use the Google Maps app and pinpoint where the exit was. It was crazy.

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    And we had one HELLUVA time finding our way out of a small empty parking lot in white out conditions. had to resort to Google Maps

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