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Thread: Strawberry plus Big Tiger Trout (Early Ice)

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    Strawberry plus Big Tiger Trout (Early Ice)

    Last week, my hopes were to catch some of the great action people had been reporting from Strawberry Reservoir. My previous attempts to get out there this fall had been thwarted, so it was good to finally make it.

    Finding fish was difficult, even marching a couple of miles' worth of shoreline. A few bites were missed and a total of two fish were caught, both cutts under the slot.

    Here's a 20 inch Berry cutt:

    And a smaller one:

    It was a cold, windy day and I fished several areas of the lake before calling it quits. Wading way out to hip-high water at the Ladders, I hooked up twice and both got off. They pay tube is covered for the season at the Ladders, so there was no fee. That's always nice.

    On my way home, I stopped and fish Daniel Creek in a few spots. The browns were stacked in spooky little pools where culverts spill.

    That was fun. Getting out was much needed.


    This week, I saw some photos of thin ice on a lake I like to catch nice tigers at. It had been a few days with cold nights since then. By my thoughts, that ice would be ready for me by Saturday and off I went.

    The ice was scary, so I didn't go out very far at all. Better safe than sorry.

    One rod had a Cut'r Bug with a shiner dangling from the hook shank and the other had an orange Shrimpo with a meal worm. Missed three bites from the Shrimpo.

    It took awhile, but I got a bite on the minnow rod and set it to a really solid fish on the other end.

    The fight took quite awhile as I had to just wait while it took drag several times. It wasn't set very loose, but only using 4lb test, it was just tight enough to ensure that it wouldn't snap on a run.

    Right away I knew it was big and started rolling video:

    Big Tiger Trout - Early Ice

    Measurements were taken. 24.5" long and 4lbs, 14oz.

    Nice fish. Not my best, but it was just what I needed. The rest of the day didn't matter after that.

    Nice spread:

    The fishing remained slow and bites were rare. My next catch was a smaller male of about 17" with great colors.

    Still a nice fish, but nothing like the first one.

    The next one was even darker and over 20":

    Gorgeous fish. That was it for total catches though. Only a few bites and three to the deck. The last two were on consecutive drops.

    It was a beautiful day with temps above freezing, not too much wind, and it mostly sunny.

    More pics and details on my blog.

    Happy Fishing, Humans.
    Lost On A Hill

    Utah Water Log

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