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Thread: Canyon Span Air Walking

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    Canyon Span Air Walking

    My son and I went to a local climbing area today and as we pulled up to one of the spots I was surprised to see several vehicles with plates from WY, MT, and ID. Baffled me for a bit as the climbing is not that good here and then I saw what they were doing. They had a strap(s) stretched across the span of this basalt canyon and were tightrope walking it. Well, maybe it is TR walking? When I have seen pics of TR walking they are on a giant, fat cable with some giant pole in their hands so I don
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    I thought it likely wasn't new, but it was to me. Either way, I was impressed. And now that I know what the name is....I have heard the term but never saw it to know what it was. In fact, my daughter at USU told me about a fatality with a bike at my former school.

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    Yeah that was a pretty bad deal, shame on them for leaving it over a trail.

    It's been getting more popular, i wouldn't mind trying it myself, my balance is pretty good. Is like to start from trees in my yard just a couple feet off the ground.

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    I have a couple of Gibbon slack lines around if you want to try it. I've told Acca to take them to a Bogley fest and get some pics! My son's buddy is the Owner of Gibbon Slacklines out of Germany - they do a lot of promotional stunting and sponsor various extreme athletes. Look them up on youtube and you'll see some amazing things these kids do on the line.

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    The guys in the photos are on "Highline". If anyone is going out to practice this, just realize a high line involves much more gear than just setting up a simple gibbon ratchet set in your back yard. On that note, if anyone around Tooele ever wants to hit a park or something to practice, I practice all the time. I have a Gibbon Classic and a Tubeline.

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    Cool, good to know

    And moo, maybe I'll hit you up on that gear. Then again, maybe I'll wait until next spring, I'm building a deck right now and that's taking all my time.

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    Slack-lining, specifically high-lining. Reel Rock 2011 had an interesting short on the more extreme aspects of it.

    As with most aspects of these outdoor sports, I'd love to try, but not necessarily take them to such lengths.

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