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Thread: My new toy....

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    This week whenever I was bored around the house I would go out and work on detailing the engine on the Corvette. It's really starting to look sharp. Amazing what $10 is cleaning supplies and a little rubber dressing can do to dress up an engine.

    Here is the before picture:

    Name:  Motor Org.jpg
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    And here is the after picture:

    Name:  Motor Detailed.jpg
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    Amazing what a little elbow grease can do! Looks very nice.

    How does the undercarriage look? Coming from NM it probably didn't see much or any salt?

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    The undercarriage looks good. But the car is 43 years old so there is some weathering.

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    Looking good man!
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    The front end is all apart and scattered across the garage at the moment as the front end is being rebuilt. The pitman arm and some of the rod ends were badly worn. The car should drive much better once it's put back together, hopefully by the weekend if I can find all the parts.

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    The front end is all back together and the car drives much better. Also did a 4-wheel alignment, which is the correct way to align a vette as it has 4-wheel independent suspension. That makes for a much bigger job than a typical front end alignment. The good news is my rear carrier bearings are still good which is a major (and expensive) problem with the older Corvettes. If the rear carrier bearings are bad you can't get the car to retain an alignment.

    I also rebuilt the steering column which is a PITA as the car has the rare (at the time) tilt and telescopic steering column. Lot's of parts in that damn steering column.

    And last but not least.... I replaced all the weather stripping in the car. That also was a much bigger job than I planned on as the car has T-tops and a lot of weatherstripping. You also have to remove the side windows and re-align them when you add new weatherstripping. That job took two full days but the car doesn't leak water anymore when I wash it. Fortunately I had a friend that does auto body help me with the weatherstripping or I would still be trying to get it right.

    Next up is to remount the electric fuel pump and isolate it with rubber mounts to try and reduce the noise it makes.

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    Today's project was to remove the spare tire and check it out. The only problem was the 1970 Corvette's had a lock on the spare tire hanger and of course the keys have long since disappeared. I read on-line how to pick the lock with a curved dental tool. It took me about 10 minutes of screwing around with the tool to finally pop the lock.

    The tire I found was a flat Goodyear Polyglas GT G60-15, for those of you to young to remember this was the hot tire in it's day. It was not a radial but was bias-ply. I'm pretty sure the tire had not been checked since at least 1986, because from the cars records I know the door locks were replaced that year.

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    The car is fun to work on when everything goes according to plan, which seldom seems to happen.

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    Nice project, Shane.
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    Things went so smoothly with the spare tire lock I decided to also remount the electric fuel pump with rubber isolators while I was crawling around under the back end of the car. Probably a good thing I did as I also found one of my fuel lines had a small leak so I replaced that. I think I'll quit for the day as I'm currently batting 100% on repairs today and I'd hate to screw up that average.

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    Did the rubber isolators help quiet the pump noise?

    Is the electric pump OEM or did someone replace the mechanical one?

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    The rubber isolaters did not quiet it down as much as I had hoped. It did change the sound of the pitch a lot to something that is more pleasing, at least to me. The new sound is softer.

    Small block chevys from the 60's and 70's all had mechanical pumps mounted on the engine block so this is something that was added.

    Being an old school racer there are things I really like about the electric fuel pump. It's comforting when you hit the ignition and hear the pump because you know the engine is getting fuel. Which is one of the big three.... if you have fuel, compression and spark you know the car will run.

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    Now I'm trying to decide if I should swap out the original old school points and condenser for an electronic ignition.

    There is a nice electronic setup available for $170 that sits under the stock distributor cap and uses the stock distributor. You can't tell the car has been switched to the more dependable electronic ignition unless you remove the cap. With that setup you can also switch back to points in about 30 minutes if I ever sold the car to a real purist.

    Or maybe I should just stick with points as the car was delivered from Chevrolet.

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    I need a ride in this car! Would love to come check it out when the sun comes out next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post

    I need a ride in this car! Would love to come check it out when the sun comes out next week.
    I'm always looking for a reason to pull it out of the garage and take it for a spin.

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    It was snowy this weekend and I was bored so I walked out into the garage to play with the Corvette. The emblems on the car have been bugging me for a while because they looked really ratty. I was going to buy new ones until I discovered they are $50 each. So before spending a$100 I decided to try and revive the ones I had. I went down to the hobby shop and bought $6 in paint and this is the results. These are emblems I can live with.

    The before Picture
    Name:  emblem1.jpg
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    Front nose emblem after
    Name:  emblem2.jpg
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    Rear gas cap emblem after
    Name:  emblem3.jpg
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    As I was cleaning up I lifted the hood to check some things out and noticed a hose the previous owner had just cut off. Now I need to figure out what the hell that went to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    As I was cleaning up I lifted the hood to check some things out and noticed a hose the previous owner had just cut off. Now I need to figure out what the hell that went to.

    Name:  hose.jpg
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    Good news.... at least for me.... the hose was not cut by the previous owner. It's a vent for the vacuum operated windshield wiper door and is supposed to be just like I found it.

    I was also checking out what it's going to take for me to hook the factory AC back up. The good news is it looks like it's all there. I even found the missing AC wiring harness. I was looking at the engine bay and noticed the AC wiring harness was gone from the compressor. I spent some time looking for it and then asked myself "if I jerked the engine out of the car what would I do with the wiring harness", I decided I would have stuffed it behind the fender well... so I checked and sure as shit that is where it was. I guess the first thing to do is hook every thing up and see what works.

    I also ordered new door hinge bushings and pins yesterday. The bushings and pins were only $12, The problem is you have to completely remove the doors and pound out the old pins to put in the new bushings, Then you have to realign the doors and side windows. At least I have practice with the side windows as I've already aligned them once after installing the new weatherstripping. New bushings are supposed to make the doors open and close like new.

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    The T-tops were squeaky and I was told if I replaced all the nylon bushings it would stop the squeaks. A complete bushing set was only $18 so I ordered a set and today I replaced all the bushings. One of the old bushings was complete gone when I pulled everything apart and a second one was completely worn out and cracked. Replacing the bushings was a pretty easy job, but It will probably be a couple more month's before I get to rode test the car. It's sitting nice and warm inside the garage and it hasn't turned a wheel since Thanksgiving day.

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    Today with the help of a friend I installed new door hinge pins and bushings. The doors now open and close like new. The parts were cheap, $20 for everything, but to install the items you have to completely remove the doors from the car. The entire job was relatively trouble free and it only took us about 3 hours to replace the pins and bushing and realign the doors. Without my friend Sonny's help it would have taken at least twice that long as Sonny had done this before and knew exactly how to do it.

    If you notice, many classic cars have really clunky doors. Replacing the pins and bushings is how you solve the problem.

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