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Thread: 8/24 one night Uintas backpack, beginner friendly

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    8/24 one night Uintas backpack, beginner friendly

    I'm planning to do an overnight trip this weekend, Saturday to Sunday only. We are considering Grandaddy basin or Naturalist Basin, with a hike in between 6-11 miles. I'm going with a less experienced friend, so plans will be flexible depending on energy and motivation levels. Therefore, this will be a trip suitable for newbies or less-experienced backpackers, as long as you are fit enough to carry your pack. I don't mind talking anyone through gear or packing strategy if you need it. Basin destination selection will happen later this week. Respond or PM me if interested.

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    I am interested in getting out for a short backpacking trip. I wouldn't be able to go this weekend but I am interested to know how much water you would take for an overnight hiking trip. Is there any spring water in either of those basins that would supplement my carry water or would I need to bring a purification kit?

    Maybe you wouldn't mind posting a typical packing list for an overnight adventure?
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    Both of these basins have multiple lakes, so I am planning to take water from those, treat it and use it. In the mountains I generally hike with less than 2 liters of water, unless I know in advance there will be a dry segment, and I always plan to camp with a water source nearby. It is generally accepted that you should always have some form of water treatment with you for an overnight trip (and even for long day hikes), even if it is just iodine or chlorine tablets. Desert trips are a bit different, and may require more planning to ensure adequate water along the route, or possibly carrying gallons of water if none is available.

    I'll put together a packing list a bit later.

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    Thanks for the info!
    So, Kid, you think you got what it takes to be a Punch King?

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    Instead of coming up with my own list, I'm just going to reference you to a previous thread:

    The ultimate end result of what you take and don't take is pretty personal and depends on how much you want to carry, how prepared you feel you need to be, how much luxury you want, your own personal comfort level with temperature ranges and wet or smelly clothes, if you are trying to impress somebody, etc.

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