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Thread: Lower Angel Creek, Ouray, Colorado

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    Lower Angel Creek, Ouray, Colorado

    Lower Angel Creek, Ouray, Colorado July 30, 2013

    Lower Angel Creek is a canyon that offers a very nice introduction to Ouray canyoning or canyoneering as some have called it. As with all of the Ouray area, this is a beautiful canyon; the scenery is amazing with views of the towering cliffs up and down the creek. For those who appreciate short and not too steep entrance hikes- this is the one. It has four waterfall rappels, several bathtub slide\down climbs and from a technical aspect is fairly easy to do when the water levels are at a safe level. All of the drops are bolted and there is enough water contact in the creek/falls that wetsuits are definitely advised. There is a safety line that a guide service has attached to help with the exit climb out. We used it only to guide us up and out along the ridge - - the climb out is easy. This is a very fun half day canyon.

    Thanks to Michael Dallin for all the beta in his book Ouray Canyoning

    Thanks to my Canyoneering partners Sandra, Dave, Monica, Kurt, Kari for a fantastic time.

    I put some of my favorite pictures in a slide show.


    Doug French
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    Awesome! I was there that week, too. My two partners chickened out because of all the rain, and threats of it. We ended up climbing mountains instead. Half the time in rain, lightning and thunder!. I remember that day, it was nice...we did an epic day hike in the Lizard Head Wilderness. I think they're having a big canyonfest right now? Anyway, good for you getting in some class C.
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